Oregon Governor Kate Brown accepted George Soros money before refusing to allow National Guard on border


from Puppet String News:

The Oregon RNC reported on Monday April 2nd, 2018, that the Oregon governor received a large donation from former Nazi collaborator and creepy billionaire George Soros – Willamette Week is reporting(link is external) that Governor Kate Brown has accepted “an unprecedented” campaign check from George Soros, a billionaire left-wing hedge-fund manager and campaign donor who resides in New York. This is Soros’ “first direct involvement” in Oregon.

“Kate Brown has consistently ignored problems facing everyday Oregonians and has instead used the office of Governor to make herself a national left-wing celebrity. Now, Brown is cashing in and taking big campaign donations from notorious leftist puppet master, billionaire George Soros,” stated Oregon Republican Chairman Bill Currier.

Once again another Democrat leader in the United States this time coming in Oregon’s State Governor Kate Brown is bought and paid for by George Soros, and she took a Soros pay day from Soros Cash followed by a refusing of putting National Guard troops on the Oregon border with Canada to protect America from illegal aliens.

So basically what the Oregon Governor Kate Brown did is was be bought by George Soros before disallowing Trump to use the National Guard to protect the border, and the order likely came way of a bribe by George Soros followed by an order from Soros to not allow the National Guard to protect the border of Oregon along Canada. President Trump could very well likely take Governor Kate Brown to court over this, because Trump ordering the National Guard to protect the border is actually very Constitutional…And also Governor Kate Brown took a bribe from Soros to deny Trump using the National Guard lawfully to protect the border from invasion.

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