NO TIME TO SNOOZE A Better Future Is At Hand


by Wayne Jett, Classical Capital:

Equal Justice Under Law. Those four words are emblazoned above the entry of the Supreme Court of the United States. A worthy goal in civil society – fair and impartial treatment of every individual according to the same reasonable standards – but one on which U. S. government has fallen far short. Today even its assertion as a goal seems more ruse than reality. Indeed, America in recent years nearly re-proved the maxim that a society which fails to provide equal justice under law will not survive.

Only a brief 18 months ago, the much heralded American republic stood at the abyss – awaiting total destruction at the hands of ruthless elitist operatives bent on achieving a “new world order.” The intended new world order actually amounted to a return of the two-class society of the Dark Ages – rulers and slaves – augmented and made more horrific by technology, no remaining vestiges of a self-sufficient middle class, and no national boundaries.

Stand By For News

Today, as if by one or more intervening miracles, we stand waiting for imminent news from the front. Are the ruling elite truly being identified, tracked down, taken into custody, and their criminally acquired wealth seized? Are their networks for trafficking drugs, weapons and humans being broken and dismembered? Will the previously untouchable criminals be judged and punished by fair tribunals, and their victims fairly rehabilitated and compensated?

The answers to these and other related questions are not available yet, but they are coming – soon. Depend on it, and plan for it. This time the previously untouchable ruling elite will not walk away unscathed. The hard work of gathering evidence and witnesses to build airtight cases against the very powerful and the publicly prominent is time-consuming and out of the public eye. But it is being done and results are forthcoming.

What To Expect

The plan in place is to punish the guilty to the full extent of the law. Some crimes already discovered are said to be so heinous as to be beyond the capacity of normal people to contemplate – so terrible that more than half of the evidence must be kept from the public in order to preserve general psychological stability and/or national respectability.

That will not do. Though societal reputation is significant, it cannot be earned or preserved through deception and concealment. The depth of evils committed by the ruling elite, their operatives and followers ought to be widely known and deservedly reviled so as to energize social revulsion for centuries to come.

Military Returns Civilian Social Order

Crimes already discovered, plus others still to be identified and pursued, involve espionage, treason and/or sedition – crimes against the survival of the nation and its constitutional government. In such cases, military actions to deter, defeat, try and punish guilty parties are authorized to defeat the nation’s antagonists.

U. S. military forces, including special operators, in addition to law enforcement and other security agencies, are already involved in national and international actions against the global cabal of ruling elite. These are the people who have conspired and acted to bring down our government and destroy our society since the 20th Century began. Casualties have been suffered, and more are likely. Facilities at Guantanamo Bay in the Caribbean are being enlarged and enhanced to accommodate some prisoners, trials and evidence gathering.

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