John McCain, ISIS, and the Obama Administration. #TRAITORS! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening


from Neon Revolt:

Q is dropping a lot [Sunday night]. I’ve been hard at work, digging with other #anons, so apologies if this is a bit laggy. I’ll present findings below:

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve got news for you.

You are looking at the General of ISIS, standing right there.

That’s right.

Is “Traitor” label starting to make more sense now?

And who is that with him?

Meet Mouaz Moustafa.

Q relates Moustafa to the Awans.

Moustafa currently works for the “Syrian Emergency Task Force,” which is a lobbying group that advocates for the armed overthrow of the government of Syria.

Is McCain connected to that group, in any way?

As a matter of fact….

So… let’s get this straight. This gal forges a bunch of stuff in this WSJ article of hers.

It’s then CITED by McCain and Kerry in order to try and rope us into deploying troops and resources in Syria, and getting us mired in another war.

It comes out that this gal lied.

And McCain SNATCHES her up for his team immediately.

How much you want to bet McCain had her write that article in the first place?

McCain has a direct connection with this group already. In fact, you could say he sought out a direct connection with this group.

But Q asks us to dig.

Dig, we did.

Here is an album of screenshots from his Facebook, showing exactly how much this guy got around. It’s a whos-who list of media personalities (a lot of #FakeNewsCNN), Politicians, International Politicians, and media figures.




Do you understand what Q is insinuating here?

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