John Brennan’s CIA ‘Operated Like A Branch Office Of The Hillary Campaign’


by Elizabth Vaughn, Freedom OutPost:

America’s most influential institutions were politicized and were used to do Obama’s – and Hillary Clinton’s – bidding.

Investigators have been focusing primarily on the roles of the DOJ and the FBI in the framing of President Trump for colluding with the Russians. But, the word is, that it all started with John Brennan, Obama’s CIA Director.

Not that Brennan had just cause to believe that Trump had done anything unlawful, but he is said to harbor intense hatred toward him. George Neumayr of the Spectator, calls it “the probe from nowhere to nowhere, undertaken simply to satisfy the partisan hunches of John Brennan and other Trump haters in the Obama administration.”

Neumayr says that, based upon Brennan’s testimony and his leaks, he started pushing the FBI to open an investigation in the spring of 2016. He would present the FBI with what he called evidence. Neumayr says that Brennan would “shake down” foreign intelligence officials looking for anything to hang on Trump. He would present the information to Peter Strzok and other government officials. Strzok, much as he hated Trump, famously told his paramour, Lisa Page, that there’s no “there, there.”

In fact, the original source of the “intelligence” that Brennan was receiving was British spy Christopher Steele. Neumayr explains:

Brennan’s alleged intelligence from the British on Trump-Russia collusion was just laundered Steele opposition research for Hillary (Steele had been feeding his work to British spies, who contacted Brennan). At the center of almost all the streams of phony intelligence flowing into the FBI was Steele. Through his relationship with the FBI, he served as a direct stream of bad intelligence. Through foreign intelligence agencies, he became an indirect stream of bad intelligence (with anything he gave those agencies re-routed to the FBI through Brennan). He also served as a conduit for opposition research from Hillary partisans at or connected to the State Department (Cody Shearer, a Hillary hatchet man, passed his opposition research through John Kerry aide Jonathan Winer to Steele, who then fed it back to the FBI).

This is similar to the FBI’s use of reporter Michael Isikoff’s Yahoo News article to corroborate Christopher Steele’s dossier when, in fact, Steele was the source of Isikoff’s story.

Brennan leaked news of his “probe” to then-Senator Harry Reid, who told reporters that “Brennan had an “ulterior motive” in leaking the existence of the probe to him. The very thought of Donald Trump as president made Brennan see red and caused him to lose all judgment.”

The FBI knew they could not start an investigation based on the rubbish that Brennan was presenting to them. They needed to find a reason. When Australian diplomat, Alexander Downer, had drinks in a London bar with low-level Trump advisor George Papadopoulos, who told Downer that he had been approached by a Russian who offered to provide “dirt” on Hillary Clinton, that became a talking point for the FBI. However, according to Devin Nunes, that incident was not mentioned in the Electronic Communication (EC) that originated the counterintelligence investigation.

Nunes and several other Congressmen were allowed to view the document after threatening contempt of Congress charges and possible impeachment votes. The DOJ and the FBI went to great lengths to keep the American people from learning that there was no original intelligence to support the case for collusion. None.

So, now we have Obama’s DOJ, FBI and CIA, and it looks like they had a little help from the State Department, all colluding to influence the outcome of a presidential election. It’s hardly a stretch of the imagination to believe that Obama knew what was happening.

Perhaps, with former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe now likely to face criminal charges, and not feeling much love or loyalty for his former boss, James Comey, it’s possible he might be open to a deal.

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