It’s “open season” on vaccinating pregnant women with toxic, harmful substances confirmed present in many vaccines


by Tracey Watson, Natural News:

Everybody knows that when you’re pregnant you don’t drink coffee, smoke cigarettes or take pain medications, right? And no matter how tempting that glass of wine might look, as a conscientious mom-to-be you wouldn’t think of drinking alcohol during pregnancy. For a mother, the responsibilities of parenting start from the second she finds out she’s pregnant, and most moms take that responsibility very seriously, doing all they can to protect their babies.

Why is it, then, that mothers who are admonished not to take anything stronger than Paracetamol during pregnancy are also advised to get toxic vaccines? The Centers for Disease Control has long recommended that pregnant women be vaccinated against the flu, for example, and yet one of their own studies recently confirmed an alarming link between spontaneous miscarriages and the influenza vaccine.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. of the World Mercury Project explained:

The study reviewed data for the 2010-11 and 2011-12 flu seasons. Women vaccinated with the inactivated influenza vaccine (IIV) in the 2010-2011 season had 3.7-fold greater odds of experiencing a spontaneous abortion within 28 days than women not receiving the vaccine. Over the entire study period (2010 to 2012), the odds for a spontaneous abortion for vaccinated women were 2.0 times greater than for those women not receiving the flu vaccine. …

Most alarmingly, in women who received the H1N1 vaccine in the previous flu season, the odds of spontaneous abortion in the 28 days after receiving a flu vaccine were 7.7 times greater. For every flu season, starting in 2010-2011, there has been an H1N1-type virus included in regular flu shots in the United States.

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Would that same conscientious mom who is diligently avoiding alcohol and caffeine to protect her baby get the flu shot if this type of information was shared with her? (Related: Are flu shots causing women to have more miscarriages?)

A study published in the journal Maternal and Child Health earlier this year, found that women face very difficult decisions when it comes to medications during pregnancy and require specific information to help them make wise choices. The study abstract noted that women surveyed were particularly concerned about the effect of any medications taken during pregnancy on the development of their babies, but many also expressed concerns about possible effects on their own health. They also indicated that if the risks associated with a medication were unknown, they would not be willing to take it.

While it’s true that vaccines carry unknown risks during pregnancy, they also carry well-known risks that doctors and the mainstream media do their best to ignore and never discuss with patients.

For example, some flu vaccines contain mercury, which has been associated with neurodevelopmental issues and other problems in children.

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