Is It Fake? White Helmets Alleged Chemical Attack Footage Leaves Several Unanswered Questions


by Aaron Kesel, Activist Post:

A Twitter user @tarek_oo7 has pointed out several strange anomalies in the White Helmets footage after the alleged chemical weapons attack in East Ghouta suburb of Douma (east of Syria’s capital city of Damascus.)

The first thing Tarek points out is a video from the second day that claimed a different room where the gas impact site was.

He suggested users to look at the impact site on the ceiling of the first video and compare the size of the hole. Tarek stated the hole in one of the first videos the White Helmets uploaded has a different size and shape than the previous video, coming to the conclusion that the rooms are different in both videos.

Tarek further detailed that “the impact site where the yellow cylinder was found is not the same site where the victims were found. Something is not right. There should be more investigations these white helmets are playing with evidence.”

He also highlighted the fact the guy in the red, black and gray striped shirt who took the video was onsite wearing the same red, black and gray striped shirt before after and during the chemical contamination. (If there was a chemical attack you wouldn’t wear the same clothing that was contaminated; you would seek to get you and your clothing washed immediately.)

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