Internet Sleuth: Review of Strzok and Page Text Messages Reveals FBI Efforts to Setup, Embarrass or Attack Trump at Campaign Rally


by Joe Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Another sleuth on the Internet uncovered some disturbing information in the Strzok and Page text messages.

The messages sent by corrupt FBI and former Mueller investigation team members Peter Strzok and Lisa Page appear to indicate that the FBI was trying to set up, attack or embarrass candidate Trump before the 2016 election.

Internet sleuth Jason Enzer on Twitter reviewed the corrupt FBI lovebirds’ emails and tweeted the following –

Is this what it looks like? In august of 2016 the 2 FBI lovebirds Page and Strzok were talking cloak and dagger. Here is the exchange. what stands out is Page saying “Think so. Not sure. For sure his RNC experience is going to be a zero, don’t know enough to tell more.” Strange!

Enzer continues –

Stzrok asks “zero in terms of not the same characters?” Page goes on to clarify “Just don’t think it’s going to be useful. Think interactions are going to be more with his security folks. (BC he has private, ex-Bu ones in addition to the Service.) who had private ex-Bu security?

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