In A Paradigm-Shifting World Situation, the Skripal Case Is Now Backfiring on the U.K.


by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

The poisoning of two Russian citizens in England last month, aimed with such bombast by the U.K.’s May government at isolating Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and trapping the British-targetted President Donald Trump, may wind up leaving May and Foreign Minister Boris Johnson with egg on their faces.

The situation is shifting. The new reality of the great benefit of China’s New Silk Road for nations all over the world, and the benefits of great-power cooperation for peace as understood by President Trump, is making May’s all-out attack backfire. Already stung when just half of the EU nations signed up for expelling Russian diplomats and other Mayhem against Russia, the British have been mortified by President Trump’s “less than full support,” as their media have put it.

In fact Trump’s press secretary has confirmed again April 2 that he did invite President Putin to a summit “at a number of potential venues including the White House.” President Trump now has three crucial summits in the offing — with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Putin, and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un — which could shift the world situation for the better. The second and third are furiously opposed by the British and all brands of American and European neo-cons and liberal imperialists. But this too is backfiring.

Now with today’s report by the U.K.’s own Defense Science and Technology Laboratory at Porton Down that it has not established evidence for Ms. Mayhem’s Russian poisoning case, tomorrow’s executive session of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) — whose rules the U.K. has flouted to rush to “lead the attack” on Russia — is put in a new light. A few courageous Britons had said the scientists were not happy being demanded to “produce” for a political witchhunt, and were proven right.

Moreover, “China and Russia are developing closer ties,” not least because “Western countries are putting political pressure on Russia [in the Skripal case] and the U.S. is provoking China into a trade war,” the Global Times wrote yesterday. China has been entirely evenhanded and wanted OPCW procedures followed, but has sent an official delegation to the Seventh Moscow Conference on International Security beginning April 4, with 95 other nations.

We have seen the “Russiagate” attempted coup against President Trump made to backfire by the same new reality, combined with a long mobilization by the forces of Lyndon LaRouche’s movement in the United States. Now the FBI is, at long last, being investigated and cleaned out at the top.

But we cannot forget that the trans-Atlantic financial systems are again ready to crash. And sitting on that volcano, we cannot make slow and long-term plans to realize the new paradigm of the Eurasian New Silk Road. It must be on the table for the United States as well as Europe now. That starts by instituting or reinstating Glass-Steagall bank separation — as China already does with its commercial banks — to break up the Wall Street and London behemoths before they pull us into another collapse nightmare.

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