I’m Not Right, Left or Center – I’m a Free Thinking Human


by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg:

It’s not often my work’s mentioned in mainstream publications, but it’s always instructive when it happens. Such an instance occurred earlier this week in the form of a nonsensical BuzzFeed piece.

The article was originality titled, “Here’s How A Bunch Of Syrians Trolled The Far Right Into Freaking Out Over A Twitter Poll,” but was quickly changed to “Fox & Friends Tried To Poll People About Whether The US Should Intervene In Syria And It Didn’t Go Well.”

I immediately pointed out the ridiculousness over Twitter about being included in an article with a title implying I’m “far right,” but there’s no way to know if this influenced the alteration. Either way, the piece gives me a perfect excuse to once again highlight some very important points regarding the dangers and counter-productiveness of excessive political tribalism.

Besides the idiotic original title, the other noteworthy aspect of the article was how the author described yours truly. Here’s what she wrote:

Let’s repeat that because it’s important. She wrote:

Some users, who claimed not to be affiliated with either the left or the right, noted the apparent sudden shift.

Her choice of words says so much about the extremely childish prism through which too many people view politics today. She seems to find it completely incredulous that someone might not fit into a neat little ideological box defined as “right or left.” As such, I must simply be “claiming” it, as opposed to living it each and every day.

There’s a reason I’ve kept the following as my permanent pinned tweet for nearly a year.

I keep that there for a variety of reasons. First, it’s the perfect introduction to my worldview and overall thought process. Secondly, it’s meant to put people on notice before they follow me. I will not confirm your biases because I don’t fit into any of the simplistic and jingoistic political labels we demand our fellow humans self-select into. Once everyone’s comfortably positioned in a political tribe the public becomes more easily controllable.

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