Hungarian PM happy with Soros’s Open Society Foundations leaving the country


by Joshua Cullen, Voice Of Europe:

Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, said he will ‘not cry crocodile tears’ over the Open Society Foundations (OSF) leaving his country.

The foundation, founded by George Soros, will move from Budapest to Germany’s capital this summer, as reported by Austrian newspaper Die Presse.

Confronted with the report, Orban said to Hungarian broadcaster Kossuth Radio: “Listeners will perhaps understand if I don’t cry crocodile tears.” he added that “They are crashing out right now.

While the OSF of Soros will leave Hungary, Orban does not expect that conflicts with the NGO will stop. “I know they won’t accept the outcome of the election; they will organise all sorts and they have unlimited financial means,” he said

Last week, Hungarian business magazine Figyelo published a list of members of the Soros network. According to The Hungary Journal, Orban replied with that “transparency should be at the heart of European policy and the press should continue to help people to know the truth and uncover “as many networks and cooperation as possible”.

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