HOT, SILENT WAR ONGOING Ruling Elite Armed and Dangerous


from Classical Capital:

Many Americans remain unaware the most consequential war in human history is being fought right now – silently and out of view. In recorded history, no force, military or otherwise, has undertaken to depose and destroy the cabal of ruling elite which aims to control and exploit every nation. Success of this silent war depends upon strength of many minds and courage of many actors – not upon total absence of human frailty in one elected leader.

Unlike other wars of the past 150 years, this silent war is taking place within the U. S., at least substantially. A time may come soon when you will need to act decisively to protect the well-being of your family and perhaps those around you during events that are out of the ordinary in recent American history. You should prepare now by learning all you can about what is occurring and is likely to come.

Mainstream media do not confirm what is stated above. MSM are tools of the ruling elite. If the ruling elite are defeated and their crimes exposed, MSM will be scandalized as elitist accomplices. Do not rely on your enemies to tell you the truth. Get a head-start by finding reliable sources of factual reporting now.

The ongoing military/police actions against the ruling elite and their operatives is the central, overriding focus of the Trump administration. Everything else is secondary or lower.

The Silent War

The state of emergency existing in the U. S. due to human trafficking, pedophilia and related human rights abuses used to exert undue and unlawful influence over U. S. government officials is a primary lever of power being used to debilitate ruling elite and their operatives. As evidence is gained to prove corruption, those incriminated are named and their assets are frozen.

Other offenses given attention are matters including treason, sedition, espionage and crimes against constitutional government. These are believed to be extensive and on-going, presenting serious attempts to subvert and overturn the federal government.

Tens of thousands of sealed indictments have been issued. Apparently a few have been unsealed, since David Seaman of Fulcrum News has announced he has been permitted to hold and read from such an indictment of “a major figure.” But these matters of law enforcement are the civil side of the silent war.

The Hot War

The military side of the war reportedly involves special operators and regular forces of each branch: Army, Navy (and Marines) and Air Force, as well as Coast Guard. This is officially unverified, but the number of “accidental” deaths of U. S. military actors is considerably above normal peace-time experience.

The ruling elite are not unprotected by military capabilities, but the forces arrayed against them include the U. S. military and, most likely, the Russian military. The Chinese military reportedly has been approached by ruling elite seeking an alliance, but seems unlikely to weigh in, especially if Russia aligns with America.

Secondary Issues

A central aim of the ruling elite since 1900 has been to cause the collapse of every independent republic so as to govern the world by global dictate. If the war against the ruling elite succeeds, the U. S. will survive and can restructure its current economic and financial woes.

If the ruling elite are removed from power and defeated, every national issue troubling America becomes soluble. Drugs, illegal immigration, health, financial corruption – extend the list as you wish; the big problems serve the aims of the ruling elite. Defeat the ruling elite and the overwhelming problems become something of a different nature: concerns reasonable people can resolve.

Winning the silent war against the ruling elite will end the violent military and social terror imposed on Syria by outside elitist interests. The police state society in North Korea will be ended, perhaps before the silent war is won.
North Korea has been a tool of the ruling elite, used to bully other nations and to enforce discipline upon other nations’ officials. Trump’s actions seek to deprive the ruling elite of their North Korean tool, both in the current silent war and in future years.

About Syria

President Trump is aiming to end the elitist wars against Syria. The reality remains, however, that the U. S. and its “closest allies” have been major culprits in waging those elitist wars. Presently, the ruling elite still retain power over governments with nuclear weapons, and are trying hard to ignite a world war to distract attention from their crimes. Countering such actions sometimes requires deception and cunning, especially when mainstream media dependably serve the ruling elite.

Yes, ruling elites are desperate to pull down the motive forces behind the campaign against them. Their operatives try repeatedly to undercut or distract. The chemical and air attacks on Syria do this. The Las Vegas terrorism, the northern California fires, the Parkland School incident and the missile attack on Hawaii are domestic examples.

Fake or real chemical attacks – always false flags – against highly sympathetic targets are standard tools used by elitist operatives to incite wars, thereby diverting attention from their other crimes against humanity and against the nation. No one attacks children with chemicals or poison gas and admits it. And no one, such as Syria’s President Assad, attacks his own nation’s children with chemicals or poison gas when he is already near winning the war against outside mercenaries.

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