Got Troubles? Blame Them On “Think Tank Row” and Not Putin


by Phil Butler, New Eastern Outlook:

What would happen if the people at Washington think tanks turned over a new leaf on Russia? I mean, did anyone ever practice objectivity in the globalist mania over Vladimir Putin? The Brookings Institute, supposedly inhabited by the biggest of the big brains in America cannot register one “out of the box” ponderance, or so it seems. But there are even more lame-brained habitations of hypocrisy in my country’s capital. Let’s take a brief stroll down the lane of lost potential and lost minds. Let’s briefly skip down “Think Tank Lane” in Washington D. C. to discover the source of all our problems.

Sergey Aleksashenko at the Brookings Institute Blog wants readers to believe it is Vladimir Putin who is acting out aggression toward western peoples. The author further claims Vladimir Putin’s resounding victory in the presidential election was the result of “massive voter fraud.” And of course, the author makes both of these claims with nothing whatsoever to substantiate his contentions. But we must try and understand Aleksashenko’s ire over another Putin win, after all, he is the former deputy chairman of the Central Bank of Russia and former chairman of Merrill Lynch Russia and a minion of ousted Yukos Oil mafioso Michael Khodarkovsky. Cited every other day on issues about Russia’s former and current economy, I was not surprised to discover Aleksashenko was partially responsible for the broken Russia Putin inherited from Yeltsin. Aleksashenko has been accused of speculation in Russia’s t-bill market, which was, in turn, one of the reasons for the country’s default back in 1998. I guess it’s enough to discover another pissed off Putin enemy in Washington so that we can get more on to other mockingbirds in D.C.

Down the road from the Brookings Institute at 1030 15th Street, NW, at the 12th-floor offices o the Atlantic Council, the great thinkers are applauding author Stephen Blank is playing war games in the Black Sea. His report “How the US Can Shore Up Ukraine’s Vulnerabilities in the Black Sea” is a geo-strategic mind-melt of inaccuracies and outright lies. Blank, expects readers to believe that Ukraine is fighting “our war” against Russian aggression. This lunatic is in a class all with the imbecilic Georgia castaway Mikheil Saakashvili. Here, Blank betrays his Yosemite Sam tendencies:

“Were it not for Ukrainians’ willingness to defend themselves, NATO would be spending a fortune to reform its past structures and procedures and defend its members against Russian threats.”

The fact Blank has a Ph.D. gives me hope Putin will confer an honorary doctorate on me one day. In all seriousness though, Dr. Blank comes up blank in convincing anybody with an ounce of intelligence of his credibility. A CIA advisor and a blaring eyed War College nincompoop he is. The guy expects people to believe the United States Pentagon had no idea Russia would move to protect her interests in Crimea and at Sevastopol with NATO moving in for the kill! Give us a freaking break you psychopath. I am done here.

Then there’s the McCain Institute for International Leadership! Okay, I won’t waste time there. Anybody associated with mad, mad, McCain should have their head and bank accounts examined. We should move on to the Heritage Foundation, where we can learn about a big military buildup! Or, maybe we should examine what is up at the German Marshall Fund – where they tell us what Putin’s next six years of policy are going to be about. Personally, I like the National Endowment for Democracy, where they don’t even bother denying their support for the “Liberal World Order.” Yes, there’s a story about a book that bemoans the sapping of the globalists’ strength in the light of Putin, Trump, and China’s Xi Jinping. All I can say about “Liberal world order, R.I.P.?” and RICHARD N. HAASS is: I certainly hope so. Sorry, Dr. Henry Kissinger (board member) your think tanks sucks too, ask Machiavelli.

The most interesting and sickly funny of think tanks in our nation’s capital, the Jewish Institute for National Security of America does a whole lot of talking and not much thinking about how Israel lobbying is looking to intelligent folks. Let me quote from the lead story at their website:

“Consistent with the Trump Administration’s stated intention of pushing back against Iran’s increasingly malign behavior throughout the Middle East, American policymakers urgently need to rebuild credibility and positions of strength by contesting Iran’s rising influence across the region. Most urgently, the United States must impose real obstacles to Tehran’s pursuit of total victory by the Assad regime in Syria.”

For those of you wondering if the tail is wagging the dog. If anybody out there needs to know who wanted Assad gone. Should a European woman who’s been raped by one of those majority male refugees question her plight…. You have your perpetrators. End of story here – idiot think-thanks, brilliant JINSA. This one is run by Bibi Netanyahu’s boy, Dr. Michael Makovsky, who’s another psychopath along the lines of John McCain.

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