Global….. Cooling?


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

You probably didn’t know this.

The last two years have witnessed the greatest global cooling event in over 100 years — or so is claimed.

Now I won’t actually give you “the last 100 years” because we’ve only been in the satellite business for a somewhere around 50 years, and it is only through that time that we’ve had anything approaching consistent global “views” of surface temperatures. But certainly in the last 50 years the science holds up.

Oh, and incidentally, temperature volatility has been much lower than average too — which is interesting, because that’s not what you’d expect from the media screaming about “extreme” weather events.

The article goes on to put forward a plausible explanation for the lack of any reporting on this: The media and public “sale” of human-caused warming is “too important” to bother with minor little things.

Like the truth, for instance.

I’ve long pointed out in these pages the idiocy put forward by the “glo-bull warming” screamers, 99.9% of whom have spent exactly zero time looking at the data, looking at the alleged science for themselves and even less time thinking about the percentage of greenhouse gas that we actually emit compared against the whole. Those lines of inquiry, thought and reporting absolutely verboten in the media and, if you attempt to go there as a scientist, you quickly find there’s no funding — for anything you want to do or investigate, ever again.

In other words you are on an immediate starvation mission: Yours.

We shall see if this trend continues. If it does, and I suspect it well might, global average surface temperatures will be below 1980s levels by the end of the year.

Think about that folks — 30+ years of so-called “human, irreversible, catastrophic” warming gone in three years time.

That may or may not inform the future. It is a 3SD event, which makes it highly unusual. Not ridiculously so (that’s in the 4 and 5-SD category) but the existing pattern, thus far, is in the 3SD category — and you’d think, with something that’s highly unusual it would get a lot of press ink.

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