Female Shooter At YouTube HQ Died Of Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound


from ZeroHedge:

Update III: President Trump has been briefed on today’s shooting.

Update II: San Bruno police in their first briefing since the shooting said they arrived at the scene at 12:48 pm PT two minutes after receiving a barrage of calls about gunshots at YouTube HQ, said San Bruno Police Chief Ed Barbarini.

Upon arrival, police encountered employees fleeing from the building and encountered one victim with a gunshot wound toward the entrance of the building. Later, while searching the premises, officers discovered a second victim with a gunshot wound that appeared to be self inflicted.

Two more victims were found at a nearby business.

Leaving a total of four victims that are receiving medical care, including the deceased suspect.

Police couldn’t confirm that there was a second suspect – but did confirm the suspect was a woman.

The building has been evacuated and remains empty. The investigation is still ongoing.

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Update: Bay Area politicians are already seizing the opportunity to advocate for stricter gun control laws.

Minority leader Nancy Pelosi, whose district is in San Francisco, said she and her staff are monitoring the situation

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