Feds Locate a Smoking Gun in Las Vegas Shooting Investigation But FBI Bosses Hide Bombshell Findings


from True Pundit:

The FBI paid thousands of tax dollars for billboards around Nevada asking the public for tips about the Mandalay Bay massacre on Oct. 1 to help the Bureau ‘find a motive’ for the mass shooting.

It was little more than expensive theater. The FBI had plenty of evidence but it simply chose not to follow up. And billboards are expensive to rent, especially in and around Las Vegas. A costly ruse.

This series ‘Fear and Lying in Las Vegas’ is mostly about what the FBI didn’t do, who and what it failed to look at in Las Vegas in the last six months since the shooting. While there are many theories about what happened in Las Vegas — and who did what — the True Pundit series has focused on presenting evidence the FBI ignored.

And asking why.

Even after seasoned intelligence veterans pleaded with FBI brass in Las Vegas and Washington D.C. to look at all the evidence.

That includes the actions of Brian Hodge, a person of interest identified by investigators who has somehow eluded the FBI’s Vegas crosshairs. Even though there is compelling evidence for Hodge, an Australian national living in the United States, to have been questioned. He never was interrogated, FBI sources said.

Background on Hodge can be found in Part IV and Part III of this series. We pick up the story here where those portions of the series stopped.

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