MUST READ: Epstein’s Island Digs – #Pizzagate #Pedogate #QAnon #GreatAwakening


from Neon Revolt:

This post is going to explore some of the research conducted by various #Anons in regards to convicted Pedophile Jeffery Epstein’s island. Epstein’s Island, you’ll remember, is where he ran his airline, the Lolita Express.

The Lolita Express would ferry elites like Bill Clinton and celebrities like Eminem to and from the island for, well…

Same girl in both photos, by the way. One Rachel Chandler.

Remember what #QAnon said:

Hmm…. Maybe that’s why the likes of Eminem and Robert DeNiro have been so vocal against Trump, lately?

Anyway, moving on.

If you were paying attention when #Pizzagate first broke, you’ll be familiar with a lot of this… but I think most of this will be pretty new to most (and will answer some of the questions many had).

This is Epstein’s island: Little Saint James.

The island is full of oddities. We covered “The Princes” in the Q-drop the other day.  That info can be found in this post:

APRIL SHOWERS. #QAnon was Dropping MOABS tonight. #GreatAwakening
APRIL SHOWERS.#QAnon was Dropping MOABS tonight. #GreatAwakening

[A] = Arrests. Arrests in April! I’m trying to figure out what big narrative change happened, and I’m leaning towards the 44 Democrats who bypassed background checks and allowed the Awa…


Basically, each corner of the island is named after a “Satanic Prince.” There are also at least 3 underground chambers, each a “D-Room” with a letter attached. An H, an R, and a C.

Anons speculated that this meant “Death-room.”

One Anon started investigating the 3D topography of the island, looking a each specific building, and spotted what looked like underground entrances:

Now, this last one I’m going to discount, but I’m also going to add another image in here, from a different Anon. This might actually be a regular tennis court.

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