DISTURBING video shows Syrian kids learning how to fake a chemical attack


by Vladimir Rodzianko, The Duran:

The footage shows a group of adults in Syria orchestrating what appears to be a rehearsal for a chemical gas attack.

The video below begins with an alarm sounding, with adults directing local Syrian schoolchildren to lay on the floor, while others in gas masks administer fake white foam to the children’s’ mouths, convulsing as though they were really experiencing symptoms of ingesting toxic chemicals.

These children are indeed good actors, as after a few seconds of watching, you begin to believe they are really suffering – it appears as real as the videos that the media made you watch – however disturbing – in hopes of demonizing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad enough that the citizens of the world would be so horrified and approve total war on Syria.

The video is more than four years old and the actions carried out by the children in the video are part of a play by a group called the Nesma Organization based in eastern Ghouta, as reported by RT.

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