Breaking! More UN EMP Proof Communications Towers Being Installed Across the Country


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

In the 24 hours since I published an article with pictures of UN EMP Proof Communications located in S. Wyoming and Aurora, Colorado. I am receiving reports from Alabama, Texas and Kansas. Clearly, something big is coming.

My name is Troy xxx, I’m a former police officer and also a faithful listener/follower of your website. I just saw the article “People of Colorado Prepare To Defend Yourselves”, there are a couple of pictures in your article that are disturbing to me (both pics below). I live in Gardner, Kansas and literally saw this exact device chained to a telephone pole in my neighborhood just a month ago. It was only there for a few weeks and now it’s gone, but there is no mistake……………it’s was the EXACT same device as shown in the pics in your article.
My fiance and I walked by it several times on our daily walk and I told her that was something strange and didn’t look right. We live 3/4 of a mile from New Century Airport in Gardner, KS and there is a National Guard base there where planes and helicopters fly in and out of. I don’t know if that has anything to do with the base, or if that device was something the city put up. Let me know if you get this email??? If you get this email and get back to me, I will drive around Gardner this weekend and look for more of those devices, take pics, then send it to you. I can ASSURE you that the device shown in your article was the exact same device chained the the telephone pole on the corner of my block.
Troy xxxx

Please note the following:
I have been sent this photo, slightly different, twice.

Please note the proximity to what appears to be an entrance to an underground bunker. One of the sources claims that this is in No. California in the wine country. I will be more specific when I have permission to do so.

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