Bigger Than Cambridge Analytica? Court Documents: Facebook Turned Over Bulk Data On Possibly Millions Of Americans To US Government Without A Warrant


by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:

Not only did Facebook violate their own policies and break the trust of their users in providing bulk, raw data to the federal government without a warrant, but the feds took that data, sifted through it, shared it, and stored it. A class action lawsuit is in the works!

If you thought Cambridge Analytica was something, wait till you see what Facebook did concerning millions of Americans’ information with regards to the Oregon protest which was a consequence of the attacks by the federal government on the Hammond ranching family and the Bundy Ranch standoff.

Documents provided to me by journalist Pete Santilli, who was present at both the Bundy Ranch standoff and the Malheur Wildlife Refuge protest, provided documents from the court case that he faced charges during in the Oregon trial that explicitly reference Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook not only violating their own policies concerning turning over information on their users to government officials, but also going way beyond the specifics of a warrant to include bulk date on virtually millions of Americans who followed the story on Facebook. All charges against Santilli, in that case, were dismissed.

Some of the court documents demonstrated that Facebook went way beyond their own policies that they provide to users as to what they will provide to law enforcement with a warrant. Here’s a copy of the policy.

In other words, Facebook requires that there must be probable cause submitted that a crime has taken place to compel them to release information.

Furthermore, the FBI took possession of that bulk data in violation of the Fourth Amendments protections and sifted through it all, claiming to delete some while passing it on to local and state police to also sort through and storing the remainder saying that they would not view it again. As if, anyone believes that.

You can download a zip file of the documents I’ll reference in this article and link to individually by clicking here.

Santilli told The Washington Standard, “This is bigger than Cambridge Analytica because Facebook’s biggest data customer is the US government… and they provide data without a warrant.”

First, note that in Ryan Payne’s motion to suppress Facebook evidence, he and his attorneys put forward that allowing such evidence violate a variety of rules and statutes that had been upheld in previous court rulings.

That motion was followed up by a motion from David Lee Fry’s attorney, Per Olson, to support the suppression of Facebook evidence.

According to that motion, “The search warrant also targeted the Bundy Ranch community.”

If you were connected to the Bundy Ranch community in any way, your information got snagged in all of that bulk data. If you liked a picture, a post, commented on a post or were friends with anyone involved, Facebook turned over your information to the feds.

Santilli said that the government claimed in court that by simply doing any of the above, you were an un-indicted co-conspirator! Unbelievable!

It went on to state:

In contrast to the narrow category of public postings for which arguably there was probable cause, the search warrant affidavit sought production of private Facebook features for which there was no probable cause. Included in this broad sweep were “private messages” that Facebook users send or receive from other users – the functional equivalent of email messages. Also included were other functions viewable only by the user and/or designated “friends,” such as photographs; lists of “friends” and the friends’ Facebook user identification numbers; groups or websites that the user followed or liked; profile information; etc.

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