“As the World Turns” DECODED! #QAnon #GreatAwakening


from Neon Revolt:

This is my pet theory, developed with some assistance from a Legionary over on MeWe, and currently being vetted by #Anons on the research boards. Something she said just triggered a connection in my brain. And I’m not 100% sure about this, but it seems to fit, so take it with a grain of salt until Q confirms.

If you’ve been following #QAnon for any length of time, you know that Q has posted the phrase “As the World Turns” on several occasions, most recently calling it a “Marker,” meaning it’s a sign for some kind of event or happening in the real world. He posts it, every time a certain kind of event happens…

Here was his most recent incidence, where he clarified that it was a marker.

The question as to what it was a marker for has really been bugging me for the past two days. Bugging is an understatement. It was driving me insane. What could it possibly mean?!

Let’s review what’s well known.

Recently, the connection Agnes Nixon has emerged. Agnes was one of the original writers of the show, as well as grandmother of Obama’s “pet,”  “Wendy” Nixon.

Beyond that, we know it’s tied to the #JFK Assassination, because when JFK was shot, As the World Turns was playing, and CBS interrupted the broadcast with a bulletin.

And that’s when I put two and two together. It was so blindingly obvious, I kicked myself for not realizing it earlier.

“As the World Turns” is code for FOILED TRUMP ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT!

Other sources, such as Benjamin Fulford’s source, have told us that there have already been multiple attempts on the #GEOTUS’ life. And Q has always said, this is not a game.

A timeline would be really useful here, and re-read each of these drops with these in mind. I’m not going to dig in and post links and pictures after each, but I will sum up what I know with a quick blurb. Frankly, each post becomes illuminated when you read it in the context of foiled assassination attempt.

What follows is every time Q posted the phase “As the World Turns.”

For clarity, these posts occurred on:











… Which would mean there have been at least EIGHT FOILED ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS ON TRUMP (or perhaps a member of his family).

Looks like Q first introduced the marker with a go-code for some kind of retaliation. Makes sense that if they were attacked, they would attack back.

Trump was all over Florida that day, and gave a rally that evening in Pensacola. Perhaps they tried to attack him at the rally, and it was stopped by white hats and good guys?

Looks like another retaliation post.

And another retaliation.

This post is actually directly related to a foiled assassination attempt, this time from FBI agents.

This one, too, is about foiled assassination attempts, this time by taking remote control of vehicles, along with an MKUltra.pdf from a 1977

Q also reminds us of this incident, where the driver said she lost control of the car and couldn’t stop it:

This is perhaps the most difficult one to decode. Either Qteam considers NK denuclearizing fits their criteria for the marker here, or there’s something else going on. Perhaps there was an assassination attempt while Trump was overseas in Asia? Pure speculation here.

This document is about the CIA using Satellites to send signals to down planes. Think JFK Jr. Think remote assassination via aircraft.

Did the CIA try to down Air Force One or Marine One with this tech??

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