As Global Elite Manipulate Events To Bring Chaos And Wars That Could Bring Catastrophe, What Can We Do?


by Pastor Dick Carmack, All News Pipeline:

Those Connected To God Almighty Will Be Far Better Off Than The Wealthiest Bankers, Scampering Away To Their Bunkers Like Cowardly Dogs With Their Tails Between Their Legs

As the “Insiders” run for cover, fleeing America and Europe to their luxury hideouts in New Zealand and other isolated sea ports the rest of us can only watch and wonder; With all their wealth and supposed intelligence of knowing what is planned, do they really know, or are they just reacting to what is planned by the Globalist elite and what the underlings have been told? We suspect it’s the latter. At any rate in order to produce chaos, out of which they intend to bring in their New World “Order,” we see events being manipulated to bring the chaos about; collapse of the stock market and proposed war with Iran.

No matter how much money you have, no matter how well you are connected, no matter what your political power, if your basic assumptions are wrong then you are headed for disaster. The Master Manipulators should take heed, but they won’t.

A housewife in Hoboken, a farmer in Kansas or a day laborer in Nevada are vastly better off than the wealthiest New York banker if they are connected to the One that made all things; whom the Bible calls God Almighty. They can take that certain knowledge to the bank and it won’t disappear when the bank goes bust, because they have deposited a rare commodity called TRUTH into their personal account, a gift that never perishes. The theories and plans of men often go astray, because no matter how much planning goes into an exercise if the foundation is flawed, then the building will eventually crumble and go back to dust, but God’s word is eternal and will never fail.

As the rich roll out their jets and fly to their underground bunkers; as the price of everything skyrockets with hyperinflation looming, what can the average person do? We certainly wouldn’t be welcome where the Insiders go but we can go somewhere infinitely better to gain perfect security in the turbulent times that are apparently upon us. God wrote it all down a long time ago and all we have to do is read the instructions and believe. That’s the hard part for someone prideful or who has a ton of money, it’s because he thinks he earned it through his own omniscient powers and thereby doesn’t believe in “superstitions,” but instead believes in himself. Pray for your rich and proud friends, because mostly they’re in a heap of trouble.

Lu 18:25 For it is easier for a camel to go through a needle’s eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

It’s not that God doesn’t care about rich people, He loves them just as much as you and me. The fault lies with the idea that most people have adopted the idea there is no God, and if by chance there is, they don’t need Him. But the future is already written as past history (it’s called “prophecy),” and those who fail to heed it will suffer a fate that is literally, much, much worse than death (it’s called “hell).”

There is soon coming days of great tribulation upon this earth, when fully one-half (about 3 ½ billion people) will perish. It will come in two major stages. The first stage is described in Revelation 6, verse 8 where a coming conflagration is described that will kill “a fourth part” of the world. The main instrument of destruction is the rider of the fourth horse of the apocalypse, described in most translations as “pale.”

Re 6:8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

If it seems like a short description of the coming holocaust that will result in the first quarter (1.75 billion or 1,750 millions) of population reduction, how many words are required to describe what is to come? God knows exactly what will bring the best result. Our job is to report the facts, not try to improve, or to dissect the words He has chosen. That falls to the liberals who think they know better than Him.

There is notably a strange association of the word “pale” when translated from the Greek “chloros,” it’s used four times in the New Testament. In the passage quoted it stands alone, the other three entries are “green grass (Mark 6:39),” also in Rev 8:7 “green grass,” when we get to Rev 9:4 we get “green thing.” One might think the translators had a hard time visualizing a green horse. Does it mean anything? How can a horse be green?

“5515. clwrov chloros, khlo-ros’ – from the same as 5514; greenish, i.e. verdant, dun-colored:–green, pale.”

A horse can be green because God said it is and apparently the color stands for something, a clue for the modern reader to see where this world is going and what the future will most certainly bring. In previous writings we have theorized that Islam is the chosen enforcement arm for the New World Order that is descending upon the world, creating chaos and bringing in the prophesied end-time events described in detail in the Bible. When the Islamic hordes, sleeper cells included, are loosed upon this earth, the green horse will gallop forth.

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