Aha. Aloha Snackbar? HEH DAVID HOGG!


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Oh, this is rich.

The usual revisionist government jackasses went to work fast to scrub the social media of the shooter at Youtube yesterday, but not fast enough. Some media folks got the clips before they could kill them all and what has emerged is….. disturbing.

This woman was apparently:

1. In some way connected to Muslim identity, in that videos have emerged of her in a hajib.

2. Connected to Iran or some part of Iraq too in that some of them have her speaking Farsi. That’s a language that is quite-unique to Iran, some parts of Iraq and some of the other Persian gulf states.

3. She was also a rabid vegan and railed against anyone who liked meat, claiming they were murderers.

4. She had personal animus toward Youtube claiming that they had censored, demonetized and otherwise tampered with her channel on the site.

5. And finally, once again the cops were warned in advance that the shooter hated the company, they actually found her before the shooting — and did nothing.

Domestic dispute? Horse****. If there was any sort of “domestic dispute” involved here it would appear she intentionally befriended the guy for the explicit purpose of taking “revenge” against Youtube.

Now back to what I posted yesterday and this is aimed directly at Pajama Boy Hogg and all others who supposedly “support” him and his views:

What you see in that video recorded and broadcast right after the event of someone who was there in a fast-food restaurant is a man. A man who was willing but unable, as he was not armed because he obeyed the very laws you demand be expanded, to run into a gunfight and take on the shooter. He explicitly stated, on the air, “I did not have a gun BUT I WISH I HAD.”

That’s what men do — protect innocent people from nutjobs and, in a time of immediate need, take out the trash, even at risk of their own lives.

Pajama Boys rant and rave about laws, swear up a blue streak and “demand” that someone else go confiscate arms from those who would protect innocent civilians from raving nutjobs when the cops either can’t (because they’re not there) or won’t (because they’re also Pajama boys) do the job that needs done.

This male might have been a Pajama Boy and hid in a closet. But he was not Pajama Boy; he was a MAN and was willing to run into a lethal fight and take the risk of being shot. This man wanted only one thing at that instant in time so he could willingly run into that fight and do what men do — protect innocent people: A tool to make the odds reasonably equal.

We’re well beyond the point at which real men need to stand up en-masse and say in a loud, clear, united voice: No.

Real men (and a few women) are sheepdogs.

We will protect those who cannot, or will not, protect themselves, even at the risk of our own lives.

We’re tired of watching Pajama Boy “sheriff deputies” cower outside when both armed and wearing body armor while a nutjob kills 17 people — or two people.

We’re tired of your horsecrap “gun free zones”; those intent on murder obviously will not honor your puerile signs and never have. Virtually all mass-shootings have happened in such places; a piece of paper does not stop a murderous thug and your repeated lies and reliance on same are getting people killed.

We will run toward the gunfire if the need arises and we demand that Pajama Boys and their politician friends cut the crap on firearms; we insist on being able to be armed everywhere, all the time, with weapons and ammunition we buy with our own money and choose to both have and possess on our persons.

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