A Look At Russia’s Military Assets In Syria


from ZeroHedge:

As the West contemplates just when it will drop the hammer on Syrian president Bashar al Assad – based solely on evidence provided by an Al Qaeda-linked NGO that he gassed his own people a week after President Trump announced a U.S. withdrawal, let’s take a look at some of the Russian assets on the ground in Syria – since Russia has openly threatened to directly oppose an American attack.

Russia troops primarily operate out of two sites in Syria; the Khmeimim air base near the northern port city of Latakia, and the naval facility in Tartus which lies in the northern Syrian coast – the port which eleven Russian naval vessels cleared out of this week to conduct training exercises.

Russia has deployed a mix of upgraded soviet aircraft, along with the latest and greatest in modern Russian aviation – including the deployment Su-24s, Su-25s, Su-30s and SU-34s at Khmeimim airbase, along with Mi-24 attack helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Both of Russia’s primary operating sites contain long-range surface-to-air missiles, including S-300VM systems defending Tartus and an the S-400 system defending Khmeimim. Both are reportedly able to hit targets up to 400km away.

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