20 Emergencies Your Homestead Will Protect You From


from The Burning Platform:

The world we live in continues to get scarier and uglier with each passing day. We face so many different risks of experiencing disasters that can result to TEOTWAWKI. During any disaster, you want to be as secluded as possible from any looters and punks.

Living on a suburban homestead still places you within the civil unrest danger area because you are located so close to a city but putting your backyard to work for you to increase your level of self-reliance and investing in alternative power, will make you more prepared to live without outside help during at least a short-term disaster.

There are many reasons why a homestead is the ideal place to be during a SHTF scenario. We’ll be looking at the top 20 emergencies you’re more likely to survive on a homestead than in an urban or suburban location

#1. Pandemic
One of the most likely disasters to occur next is a pandemic. Any airborne illness can be transferred rapidly, especially in the city surrounded by a large crowd of people.

On your homestead, you have the luxury of privacy and isolation. While on your homestead, the chances of you catching any airborne disease is very slim.

When the SHTF, if anyone in your family or group has the disease that led to the pandemic, you have the opportunity to use a shed or building on your homestead and create a quarantine. Making a quarantine on your homestead will decrease the chances of the illness being spread quickly.

#2. Power Grid Down
Hackers can easily attack our power grid and people that are not prepared will not have any idea on how to survive.

You can live off-grid on your homestead while still feeding and protecting yourself and your family. Or, if you choose to have different energy sources besides electric, such as wind, solar, hydro, steam power, or natural gas, you will be able to make it when the power grid goes down. If you do not have either of these options on your homestead yet, you can use a generator for a short amount of time while you build yourself a wind turbine or hydropower system.

WWIII is very likely to happen with all the chaos from North Korea and Russia. If WWIII would break out, your homestead could protect you from various situations.

If WWIII would occur on our homeland, major cities would be the first targets. Small towns and rural villages would be attacked next. You want to be as isolated as possible during any war.

You will be secluded on your homestead which makes your group less detected and not as likely to become a victim. If you have plenty of acres on your homestead, you can set up traps and be stealthy while on “look out.” The people in your group can also plan for hideouts within your homestead to lessen the risk of you being caught or killed during WWII.

#4. Economic Collapse
During an economic collapse, you will not have to worry as much about the survival of your family because your homestead will already be providing for their basic needs.

If an economic collapse would occur again, people will be looting all stores and gas stations. They will be desperate for food for their family once they run out of food. When people become desperate for food and water, they will be willing to do anything to feed their family, even if that includes killing people to get their belongings.

You also have livestock on your homestead which will provide your family and loved ones to not have to stress about starving. With the livestock on your homestead, you will not need to have you or a member in your group travel to town to gather food and other items, which would possibly save a life.

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