Will ‘Truth’ Be Exterminated, The Latest Victim Of The Global, Luciferian Agenda? The New Media Must Survive The Network Media Mindset


by Jon Robberson, All News Pipeline:

Will the truth go underground? Will Silicon Valley Neophytes, the nuevo riche servants of a global Luciferian agenda drive the truth from the American experience by crushing public New Media platforms? If major changes do not occur, the answer is yes.

Censorship and “Hate Speech” Is Not “Us”

The new censorship is working. The new censorship is not a social trend. The new censorship is nothing new, but from ancient Rome to Nazi Germany it kills the truth, exterminates sovereignty and germinates empires.

Specific, targeted algorithms watching for words you cannot use, or phrases you cannot say on the platforms that have proven over recent years that we are powerful through our pursuit of truth will continue and it will worsen.

Most of you have probably read at least one or two articles explaining the first twist of the mega-corporate vise that a very small handful of control freaks are successfully implementing to shut us up and shut us down.

First of all, who is “us”? The Dutch underground during Nazi occupation of The Netherlands had a whispered phrase, “Us is us.” There is no political agenda or socioeconomic strata that comprises the exponentially exploding New Media audience. The only common market demand of the aforementioned audience is: we want the truth.

We do not want TelePrompTer truth. We do not want tabloid novelty. We are not trendy.

We no longer believe the textbook tales and pedantic high school lies that tell us the US Dollar is backed by gold or that Lee Harvey Oswald shot President John F Kennedy three times with a $29 mail order rifle. We understand that J. Edgar Hoover was a crossdressing homosexual who used the FBI to blackmail American Citizens and we believe the evidence that indicts the wheel chair bound “grandfather of America”, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He knew Pearl Harbor would be attacked, he placed an Executive Gag Order on the truth to bring America to England’s aid in December, 1941.

There is a dynamic that pulls society with evermore ferocity. Some call it the Truth Movement. Some describe themselves as “awake.” Many view the intensifying struggle as globalism versus nationalism. The new nomenclature in use from Twitter to home Bible studies is “taking the red pill.” Regardless of preferred terminology, it comes down to a baseline understanding that we are all either participants or spectators in a battle that rages and has raged since the dawn of humanity.

The fight is between the evil, prideful vanity of Satan and his unrelenting deception of God’s children; Satan, continually perpetuating his ultimate endgame, which is death.

Many, not all, but many among the New Media audience are Christians, albeit Christians in widely varying faith-walks. To qualify this, some Christian, New Media consumers hit their knees multiple times daily; others practice “churchianity.” Again, we are all either participants or spectators (convenient dupes.)

From General Sun Tzu to General Von Clausewitz, grit can win a battle but intelligence wins wars. Without proper data, without plain and accurate facts, the highest IQ’s among us cannot apply critical thinking to problem solving, life planning or simply exercising our right to vote. The dinosaur Media Barons know this and so do their snot-nosed Tech Tyrant offspring. This is the starting line, the jump-point for why it is mandatory that the upper echelon of the one percent keep the public dumbed down, doe eyed and woefully misinformed.

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” The truth.

Type “Jesus” into Google and the first thing that pops up is:

Jesus – Wikipedia “Jesus, also referred to as Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus Christ was a First Century Jewish preacher and religious leader.”

If we fail to understand the code blue crisis into which the Information Age has devolved there will be soon be a time when Google will blackhole the name of Jesus pages behind “Jesus Jones”, a one-hit wonder band from 1991, who presciently sang about the Berlin Wall coming down:

“Right here, right now, there is no other place I want to be. Right here, right now; watching the world wake up from history.”

Here we are, 27 years later and across the New Media platforms we continue to pour blood, sweat and dollars into the world waking up from history.

Question: are the soy-boy, seeds of the serpent rebuilding a Berlin Wall between unaware consumers (who number in the billions) and the truth? I would posit that two of the inarguable common denominators that each part of said billions of human beings share are: the need to know the Real Jesus and the need to recognize and organize around the truth. So why are we allowing a few dozen technocrats, hiding out in their palatial bunkers in New Zealand to rebuild an iron curtain of disinformation?

The Network Media Mindset

Until the individual participatory response of all New Media viewers and listeners matches and supercedes the power behind the seemingly unconquerable Facebook and Google juggernaut, until we punch back, fact for fact, dollar for dollar, the endgame is as simple as it is horrific. A wicked few will dominate and enslave us. They are disarming us of facts in realtime and they are strategizing how to disarm us of our right to keep and bear arms and disarm us from the embrace of He in Whose blood we are redeemed and by Whose stripes we are healed.

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