The Unraveling False Flag Skripal Incident


by Stephen Lendman, Stephen Lendman:

According to ABC News, citing unnamed US intelligence sources, 38 Brits were affected by exposure to a military-grade nerve agent.

It’s fake news. Military-grade nerve agents are the most toxic known chemical substances. Exposure assures death in minutes at most.

The Skripal incident lacks credibility, including the official narrative claiming father and daughter Skripal are seriously ill from alleged nerve agent poisoning, not dead.

They and anyone else would have died near-instantly if exposed to a deadly military-grade nerve agent.

Russia’s London embassy said said UK authorities refused a request to grant consular access to Skripal and his daughter, Russian citizens.

No information about their condition or whereabouts was provided – flagrant Vienna Convention violations. Russian chemical weapons expert Leonid Rink explained the following:

“Why do you think the British refuse to give (a) sample (of the alleged nerve agent) to Moscow?”

“Because no matter how hard the specialists try, the manufacturing technology always differs a little.”

“It’s a kind of a ‘handwriting sample.’ It will immediately become clear that this is not a Russian technology,” adding:

Forensic analysis “could easily (prove the alleged nerve agent) was not ‘cooked’ in Russia” -exposing the official narrative Big Lie.

Britain earlier had access to “Novichok” technology, Rink explained. If a poisoning incident occurred as claimed, UK operatives are the likely culprit.

Novichok-type technology “is commonly available for professionals…Any pharmaceutical corporation, any chemical corporation is capable of manufacturing it in their laboratories,” Rink stressed.

“It is absolutely certain that there are (Novichok-type) specialists in the UK.” Blaming Russia for the alleged Skripal poisoning incident is a bald-faced lie.

Media scoundrels are complicit for failing to expose it, disgracefully going along with the official fake news narrative.

According to The Times of London, three people in Britain alone are seriously ill from some kind of “significant poisoning” – no one else as ABC News and UK counterterrorism head Neil Basu claimed.

Dr. Stephen Davies, a Salisbury, UK NHS Foundation Trust emergency medicine consultant, wrote The Times, saying:

No patients experienced “significant poisoning” symptoms other than Skripal, his daughter, and UK police detective Nick Bailey, adding:

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