So Hell Isn’t Real Eh?


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

I was wondering how long the Vatican would take before it said that the Pope’s words were “misunderstood”…..

The Vatican on Thursday worked to set the record straight on whether Pope Francis denied the existence of hell in an interview with a well-known Italian journalist.

The controversy started when 93-year-old journalist Eugenio Scalfari, the founder of La Repubblica newspaper, publisheda report that he asked Francis where “bad souls” end up going, USA Today reported. Francis’ reply, according to the journalist, was that those who repent could be forgiven but those who do not, “disappear.”

Of course what the Vatican now says is that the reporter “misconstructed” what the pontiff said. Uh huh.

They also accuse him of doing it before.

The problem is that this particular pope has said this sort of thing in the past.

There are an awfully large number of people who do not believe in a physical Hell. As this is Good Friday that seems to be an appropriate topic for discussion (and since the pontiff spoke on Holy Thursday, even more-so.)

The problem with denying a physical Hell from a Catholic point of view is that doing so also denies a physical Heaven, since the evidence for both come from the same place — the alleged words of Jesus. One cannot deny one without denying the other, and once you go there the entirety of the New Testament falls into dust — or, if you prefer, are recognized as nothing more than the conniving words of man intended to coerce behavior specific ruling parties cannot obtain by reason alone.

I know you’ll discard this, especially on this day, if you’re the religious sort — but perhaps it will stick in the back of your mind and, in the fullness of time, take root and grow a bit.


So consider this: Since there is not one person who has ever lived as a mortal human (no, folks, Jesus does not qualify) that can attest to the physical existence of anything post-death there is a wee problem with these religious proclamations.

See, a soul must either have mass or energy in order to exist. This means that all souls, if they are eternal and continue forevermore, consume said mass or energy over time, because they no longer reside on the physical earth. Eventually this means that the entirety of the Earth’s and in fact solar system’s resource must be consumed and extinguished, forever bound up in the form of souls.

Hmmmmm….. thermodynamics are a bitch, aren’t they?

So what if the Church is wrong. Not slightly wrong either but intentionally wrong?

Remember that the Church persecuted Galileo and in fact sentenced him to life imprisonment for heresy; he was jailed for the last nine years of his life. Why? Because Galileo contradicted Church teachings and claimed proof through mathematics and physics that the tides, for example, showed he was correct. He was later proved right.

Did they ever apologize for this? Did they ever make it right? No, and no. Specifically, they have never admitted the church was wrong and in fact their so-called “apologies” over the years have been excuses for the Church’s behavior — in effect making the further outrageous claim that jailing a man for being right and elucidating same via mere speech was justified for “social reasons” (in other words, it might diminish or destroy their power were his ideas to take hold!)

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