New ‘Currency’ In Decimated Socialist Venezuela Is The Machete – Children Joining Gangs In Desperate Attempt To Survive As Shortage-Plagued Dystopia Is A Foreboding Message To America


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

In this heartbreaking new story over at SHTFPlan by Mac Slavo he reports that hungry children in the failed socialist nation of Venezuela have taken to joining gangs to fight other children with sticks, knives and machete’s with the prize of ‘survival’ on the line with the object of their fights something most Americans throw out in the garbage every day: scraps of food barely good enough to eat.

As Slavo reports, the children in one particular 15-member gang, whose youngest member is only 10 years old, work together to survive vicious fights for what they consider ‘quality garbage’ that is tossed away in the few ‘more affluent’ areas still remaining in Venezuela, also scoping out restaurants for whatever they might throw away in the shortage-plagued dystopia that should be seen as a warning to America of our possible future should we continue along the path we’re on.

As this story over at the Miami Herald reports, once oil rich and exceedingly wealthy for South America with a health system envied across the region, the mass desertion of doctors who were able to leave combined with widespread corruption and medical shortages have decimated the country with highly contagious diseases spreading as chronic food and medicine shortages continue.

And as the Herald story also reports, despite an outbreak of measles in Venezuela that has already spread to neighboring Brazil and Colombia, the Venezuelan government refuses to acknowledge the outbreak and thus refuses to do anything about it while the outbreak continues to spread.

As another new heartbreaking story from the Miami Herald reports, these children are joining gangs because there isn’t enough food for them in their homes nor communities. And so they form their own groups to protect each other, some of them coming from many miles away to join the gangs. From the Miami Herald story:

Caramelo — who asked that the full names of the group’s members be withheld for fear that they will be targeted by police — has created a hierarchy within the Chacao gang. There’s an inner circle she calls the “small combo.” It includes her, Paola and seven other members who roam the city together to “recycle” black trash bags, meaning they search the bags for food and drink.

Whatever they find, they share. The rest of the gang is left outside of the leadership circle for various reasons — violent behavior, keeping food to themselves or sometimes a personal dislike.

But when it comes to defending their territory, all differences and antipathy are forgotten. Caramelo convenes all 15 members into the “big combo” to present a united front to gangs from different neighborhoods.

That’s how Caramelo’s gang took control of Chacao even though many members don’t come from the neighborhood — including Caramelo, who was born and raised in Junquito, a Caracas neighborhood in the mountains about 10 miles away.

A year ago, the gang was “stationed” around a supermarket at a mall called Centro Comercial Ciudad Tamanaco that generates tons of garbage. But a feared rival gang from the neighborhood Las Mercedes also wanted the garbage.

Caramelo’s gang was attacked and chased out of the zone. So they took their weapons — knives, slingshots, broken glass and machetes — and seized the nearby neighborhood, Chacao.

“At this point, we had enough members and we were organized. We pushed the other group out of here,” said gang member Patricio, 23, who added that the clashes with Las Mercedes group “toughened” them up.

The reason for the violent takeover, which in gang slang is called a “change of government,” was simple and sad — Chacao’s many restaurants offer a better chance to find food in the garbage.

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