Is Global Warming a Transhumanism Plot to End Most Life On the Planet?


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

In my role as an educator, I have encounted many foreign students from Europe. Specically, they were from Belgium, Russia, Germany, Italy, France and Sweden. When I asked them about global warming, they had a universal reaction. They laughted and told me that their professors were fairly uniform in the belief that Europe is undergoing a mini-ice age, but one day, the a full-fledged ice age will descend upon Europe for the inhabitant to seek refuge in Africa. What I have learned is the leaders of the EU and its member countries may embrace global warming, but many of the professors do not. It would appear that the collective knowledge of the Europeans is much more advanced and accurate than what the average American possess.

Not by Fire but by Ice
In 2009, I interviewed Robert Felix on The Common Sense Show. It was his contention that global warming was a scam and the real danger to humanity consisted of the beginning of a new ice age. It was Robert’s belief that he next ice age could begin any day and there was plenty of evidence to support the belief. For Robert Felix, it was not a matter of if, but when the ice age would commence. He believed that one day the residents of Europe and North America would awaken to a new reality in which their civilization would be quickly buried beneath nine stories of snow as the climate of Greenland descends on Canada, Britain, Norway, and the United States and this change would happen practically overnight. It’s all part of a dependable, predictable, natural cycle that returns like clockwork every 11,500 years and the planet has officially entered the danger zone.

Glaciers Are Growing Not Melting
The dangerous myth of global warming is exposed when we examine what is truly happening to glaciers on the planet.

New Zealand’s ‘unusual’ glaciers, 58 NZ glaciers, made a significant and advanced growth rate spanning from 1983 to 2008. One glacier actually advanced two feet per day during this period of time.

Globalists and Their Government Minions Continue to Lie About Global Warming
Does any reasonable person believe that the global warming crowd has changed their deceitful ways since they were caught producing fake data in what became known as “Climategate”? The evidence is stacking up and it shows that even government institutions, such as NOAA, are “cooking the books” and the resulting fraud is omnipresent. Look at a compaiison of temperatue reports on the same day, January 18, 2018 between 2 different sources of information. The NOAA report is listed first, and a Brazilian report is listed second. NOAA’s date is the most widely quoted and the report shows dramatic global warming. However, the all-but-ignored Brazilian report speaks to a planet in which temperatures are dramatically cooling and this could ultimately prove fatal to humanity.

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