How the CIA hid their MKULTRA mind control program


by Catherine Frompovich, Activist Post:

What is AIR and how do we define it?

Air can be defined as the gaseous substance that inflates balloons and automobile tires.

Air is composed of gases—mainly oxygen and nitrogen—we breathe in the environment (plus pollutants).

Air is a life essential element!

Air is comparable to an ‘ocean’, which living, breathing entities must live in to survive, analogous to sea life’s environment where fish, etc. get their life-sustaining elements. However, cetaceans are marine mammals, i.e., whales, dolphins, or porpoises—air breathers, as are sea lions.

However, the air we breathe is so polluted, it’s a wonder humans still are alive!

The EPA has standards for six common air pollutants: Ground-level ozone; carbon monoxide; sulfur dioxide; particulate matter; lead and nitrogen dioxide—but what about the other pollutants?

How “clean” is the air we literally are forced to breathe?

Nuclear Power Plant Pollution

One probably generally unknown pollutant is radioactive materials emitted by nuclear power plants. Nuclear power is not clean!

During normal operations, do commercial nuclear power plants release radioactive material?

Yes. Nuclear power plants routinely produce radioactive gases and liquid wastes during normal operations. A plant has tanks designed to store gas and liquid radioactive materials that are generated during normal operation. The radioactive material is held for a period of time to allow for the radioactivity level to decrease before being treated and/or released in a planned, monitored way. This keeps the amount of radioactive material in releases low and within regulatory limits (which are set to ensure releases are well within a safe level of exposure).


[CJF emphasis]

Speaking of radioactive materials released by nuclear power plants, the Northern Hemisphere has been particularly contaminated since Chernobyl (April 1986), but especially after Fukushima (March 2011) nuclear power plants blew up.

One of the questions everyone should be asking is why the U.S. EPA turned off Beta radiation monitors, especially since Strontium 90 is Beta type.

Pesticide Drift [1]

Pesticide and herbicide downwind drift occurs from agricultural sprays, pre-harvest staging spray events using Roundup®/glyphosate [1a], Dicamba drift [2], vermin fumigation sprays and/or treatments, roadside vegetation management sprays, etc.

Chemtrails and Weather Geoengineering Fallout

Globally, air has been contaminated by weather geoengineering for at least twenty-plus years, and for which there are patents [3], plus apparent dedicated plans to “own the weather by 2025” [4]. Chemtrails are those lines sprayed in the sky by airplanes, which contain numerous toxins, poisonous chemicals, aerosolized particulates of aluminum and other heavy metals [5], which are used to form scalar clouds and precipitate weather patterns using high beam microwave energies to put into place. [5a]

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