CNN & Corporate MOCKINGBIRDS: “Your censorship is a heinous crime against all of humanity.”


from SGT

I received this impassioned prose for the FIRST AMENDMENT (and against fascist Orwellian corporations) via email today form “luv”.  Here it is:


To the principals, the executives, the operators, the stakeholders, of
Google, of YouTube, of Facebook, of Twitter, of CNN, and all others of
similar resolve,

Your censorship is a heinous crime against all of humanity.

That you willfully rob humankind of free speech and free expression is an
act contemptible to all. You act to take advantage for your own gain, for
your own greed, at the expense of others. Some of you are sick to the
extent that you believe this acceptable. It is not!

You act as a parasite upon all of humanity. Your conduct is a shame to our
society, a disgrace to the love, and the energy, and the spirit of all
humankind, a threat to our world, and a detriment to our wellbeing as a

Your means are not welcome here. Be an honor to our world, not a disgrace
upon it. Be a lover of humanity, not a parasite within it.

And to all those supporting any entity as such, be they named here or not,
you know who you are, you are called upon to stop supporting them.

Your personal gain, by payroll or contract, by favor or graft, puts you
complicit in crime. If you assist knowingly or not makes no difference
because in this age the information is available. Ignorance (ignore-ance)
is no longer an excuse. Seek the truth and stand up for the truth.

Think critically and think for yourself instead of swallowing what some
political or corporate narrative tries to shove down your throat. Learn.
Look with your own eyes. Feel with your own heart. Stand up for your own
rights and your own freedoms. Stand for the rights and the freedoms of all

Those who seek to be your master and be your owner do not want you to have
truth. That is why you must stand against censorship. That is why you must
expose corruption. Stand in your power.

If you wish however to be a slave, keep doing what you are doing, keep
allowing what you are allowing, but know then, you are not only complicit
in the most heinous crimes against humanity, you also become cause. Think
about that because if the parasites that drain and rape our society,
physically, financially, and spiritually, if those parasites had no one to
do their bidding, they wouldn’t get too far, would they?

Censorship and propaganda are the enemies of truth and the enablers of
tyranny. STOP it!



Thank you again for taking the time to look at this. Keep up the ‘great
work’ and I leave you with an inspiring tidbit from yesterday …

Jerome Corsi 18.03.06 “Each of your voices matter and will be heard around
the world.”