Austria: Leftist bar owner in Vienna no longer admits asylum seekers after crime explosion


from Voice Of Europe:

Bar owners in Vienna are losing customers due to a surge of migrant crime. Some of them no longer seem to accept asylum seekers.

A “leftist” city magazine, called “Falter”, did a test with a group of two Afghans and a Turkish man. The group of migrant men were not allowed to enter several Viennese bars. They were refused entrance because there were “too many people inside” or “there’s a private party”.

Later a control group of Austrian men could enter the same bars without problems. The editors of the magazine contacted the owners of the bars and told them about their “racist admission policy”.

Personnel and owners of bars responded to the allegations by giving examples of migrant behaviour. Ironically, one leftist bar owner of “Beisls mit Charakter”, didn’t accept asylum seekers as well.

According to the man there were over 80 cases of pickpocketing in his restaurant in one weekend. As a result, his sales had fallen by half because regulars and women stayed at home.

A co-worker at the same bar complained: She was stared at, maltreated and sexually harassed. Similar stories were shared by most bar owners.

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