‘A War Against Us All’ – Another Online ‘Safe Space’ Emerges As Liberal Site Shuts Down Comment Section


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

– This is not just a war on Independent Media, this is a war on every single person that no longer trusts the MSM 

For over a year we have been documenting outright censorship of conservative opinion by Google, via their search engine ranking system, their video platform YouTube by making whole channels and content disappear on restricted mode, while demonetizing videocommentary that doesn’t conform with their “flaggers” ideological opinions, specifically demonetizing conservative content by labeling it “extremist,” along with outright censorship on social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, once denied but admissions caught on hidden camera, along with whistleblowers exposing them, prove those denials false.


Another form of censorship has been occurring for a few years, where more and more liberal websites, and liberal MSM online sites have shuttered their comment section. 

Back in 2015, Breitbart highlighted this attack against opposing opinions, by shutting down the comment sections on dozens of liberal websites and news sites, to where they claim the reason for refusing to allow readers to weigh in and hold active discussions real-time, was “abuse” and “harassment.” 

In the years since then, others have followed suit, with the most recent being announced last week by The Atlantic, in a post that appeared to be just announcing the creation of a “new Letters section,” saying they will “feature the smartest, most compelling responses to our journalism.”

Then you get to their third and fourth paragraphs where they drop the real reason they are changing their feedback tactics:

We’ve also made the not-unrelated decision to close our comments section. Over the years, robust conversation in The Atlantic comments section has too often been hijacked by people who traffic in snark and ad hominem attacks and even racism, misogyny, homophobia, and anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish invective.

Instead of hosting these sorts of unhelpful, even destructive, conversations on TheAtlantic.com, we are choosing now to elevate respectful, intelligent discourse and argument. We want smart and critical readers to have a more visible role on our site, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you, and publishing you.

In other words, they don’t want an open discussion, they want to be able to decide exactly what their readers get to see as reader feedback by censoring them and picking and choosing what they consider to be the “smartest, most compelling responses to their journalism.”

As to racism, sure their are people that online that leave racists comments, but we have also seen liberals, like those that run The Atlantic, scream racism against anyone that highlights high crime rates in certain cities, anyone that voted or supported Donald Trump. They howl “homophobia” against anyone that disagrees with them on LGBT issues, or anyone that is religious. If you think America is entitled to vet people coming from countries where there are high levels of terrorism, they call you “anti-Muslim.”

You get the point….. this isn’t about “elevating respectful, intelligent discourse and argument,” it is about silencing anyone that disagrees with their political and ideological stance.

Period. Stop.

As one of the moderators here at ANP, we are familiar with trolls, and those that come for no other reason but to “hijack” a thread and attack, but we can also say with certainty that not all that disagree, debate or criticize, are trolls, and they do not make the conversation “unhelpful” or “destructive,” but do just the opposite, offer an open discussion so that observers can see multiple sides of an issue.

Simple commenting guidelines such as “be civil,”  when enforced, are more than sufficient to leave open and free discussions on a website. Someone starts personally attacking others, they get a warning that they are free to disagree, debate, criticize, and discuss, but to do so in a civil manner, and if they do so, then their opinion is welcome, whether we agree with it or not. 

What The Atlantic, and other liberal websites that have shut down any meaningful discussion on their site are doing is no different than those little snowflakes on college campuses that need a safe space because they cannot handle hearing opinions other than their own. They can’t have anyone with an opposing ideological or political viewpoint offering another perspective on their website (safe space), so they are silencing them and deciding what opinions are “worthy” to be shown on their new “Letters” section.

In other words, they don’t want their readers exposed to differing opinions.

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