Trump Has Forced the Deep State to Change Their Tactics


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

We are witnessing Civil War II unfold. The lines of battle have not clearly been drawn and thousands if not millions are not yet dying. But make no mistake about it, the country is polarized and the point of no return has been reached.

This article will summarize and provide a point of reference in order to help the reader understand how this present civil war and how it is playing out.

The Top-Down Plan to Destroy America

The plan to destroy America from the top-down was predicated on the notion that the Democrats would control the Presidency. The top-down approach is the most effective in initiating a civil war against America and her traditions (eg the Constitution).

Before the election of Donald Trump, the Deep State had grown to such a proportion that government was effectively under the control of many of the Obama appointees that had infected the White House and various cabinets for the previous 8 years. Had Hillary been elected, the government would have been controlled from the top-down. Before the end of Hillary’s first term as President, the Supreme Court would have been Democratic for decades to come. The Presidency would would have come under control of Clinton and America would have never recovered.

As President, Clinton would have come to control much of the military. She would have given the United Nations Peacekeeperss access to the country. She would have enforced her self-proclaimed “no-fly” zone in Syria that this war monger unveiled in Debate#2 that would have led to World War III.  Clinton would have continued Obama’s form of socialist economics that was bankrupting the country and its middle class.

Chaos would have ensued under a Clinton Presidency. People would have predictably taken to the streets and gun confiscation laws would have been enacted. Social media would have completely shut down the Independent Media. And most importantly, dissidents would have been hauled off to re-education camps to never be heard from again.

Under a Clinton presidency, the chaos of the country would have reached such a crisis, that we would have seen the UN blue helmets going house to house to look for guns. Many of the UN soldiers would have been Chinese and Russian. Effectively, America would have been conquered and Hillary would have been installed as the puppet leader.

Under a Clinton presidency, MS-13 would have carried out their mandate and would have begun the poliical assassinations of key law enforcement and political figures which is what MS-13 already does for the drug cartels and their terrorist allies.

Under a Clinton Presidency, the chaos and the responding UN occupation of key American cities would have reached a crisis point. American soldiers would be forced to decide who they were going to serve. This is what Jade Helm 16 was about when the drill advertised for crisis actors who would play the role of  disaffected former American military troops that would be playing the role of guerilla chieftains. The Jade Helm planners knew that American soldiers would one day face off against the UN. This would have been the stage for the purge of middle America, the Constitution and the viability of the American economy. This would have been the real civil war.

As I have said before, the Bilderberg decided that Obama would be the eighth inning set up man and Clinton would have been the closer as it related to taking down the country. But something happened on the way to America’s planned demise, the American voters got off the floor, just like in the movie Rocky I, and said, “Yo Adrian, we need to vote for Trump” and America’s planned execution was delayed.

In the present moment, America is living on borrowed time. However, much of the country has seen the benefits of a free-market President. Black unemployment rates are the lowest that they have ever been. Overall unemployment is at a 45 year low.  Jobs are staying in America, Americans are being hired and bonuses are being given. The Deep State cannot allow these gains to continue, because Trump is winning over many of the apathetic Americans who previously could have cared less about politics.

The Deep State’s Shift to a Bottom-Up Approach to Destroy America

Because America’s CEO positon, the Presidency, is controlled by an American, the top-down plan to conquer America has morphed to a bottom-up civil war based upon the use of guerilla war strategies which are employing domestic terror strategies. The strategies will stay in place until the Deep State’s political arm, the Democratic Pary, recaptures the White House.

Most of the Deep State’s bottom-up approach does not involve a major loss of life yet. The plan is progressive, and make no mistake about it, the actions fo the Deep State will turn as violent as it has to in order to regain control of the country. And if you think this article is an endorsement of the Republicans, think again. The Republicans have discovered that there is temporary political capital in being loyal to the country and its ideals. However, this new found Republican idealism is temporary and will only remain in place so long as this approach draws political donations and votes.

Although it is true that the Deep State controls all of the major media, Hollywood, various social institutions such the NFL, the schools etc., the Deep State does not enjoy a numerical population advantage when it comes to dividing the American people between the conservatives and liberals. I would estimate that 50% of the country is loyal to the cause of freedom to various degrees. And I would estimate that 10% are dedicated to the overthrow of America in its present form, with the remaining 40% not caring either way. At least they will not care until people start dying and there is not enough food to go around. It is interesting to see how a crisis makes people choose.

Who are the foot soldiers of the bottom-up approach to overthrowing America? They are the media with their incessant attacks upon Christianity, the family and our legal institutions. They are the social justice warriors, with MSM backing, that attack every aspect of the family (ie there are 97 genders and words like mankind, mom, dad, etc., are now forbidden).

Before Obama left office he signed off on using the UN as a police force in America. The bottom-up plan is to generate so much domestic chaos that the country is taken over by the UN. In this instance, the country would be made a protectorate of the United Nations. If you are wondering why I would believe in the protectorate approach, look at the CALEXIT movement, headed by Eric Holder. Their plan is to be a protectorate of the United Nations after leaving the US. Don’t forget about the Cook County Commissioners who proclaimed through the Chicago local media that they could not trust the National Guard to stem the gun violence in Chicago and they were going to bring  in the United Nations to restore law and order. The Deep State has tipped their hand with their prior actions. Make no mistake about it,, this is martial law.

President Trump has been able to push back this planned take-over through the release of the memos. His popularity is rising, the American people are beginning to see through the Deep State charade.

As of now, the Deep State has not become overly violent. However, there is an intramural violence between the Deep State and American loyalists in government. The attempted assassination of Rep. Steve Scalise for daring to expose their child-sex-trafficking rings. Also, the attack upon the GOP laden train was no accident and of course the Clinton trail of bodies continues to grow.

The major goal of Deep State subversive activities is to keep the country in chaos until such time as they can recapture control of the active and public portion of the government. Then the top-down take-over of America will resume.

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