Stop The Stupid, Right DAMN NOW


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

I want you to go read this column again including the link it references.

It describes how to take 25% off Medicare spending, a similar amount off Medicaid, nearly eliminate last year’s deficit overnight and reduce government spending permanently by that amount, without screwing one single person out of one single thing.

The President of the United States and Congress are literally forcing the waste of more than $400 billion a year in government spending by not doing this.

I know what the argument will be in reply — “it doesn’t work” or something similar.

Well, let me tell you this right now: You’ll full of crap.

I’ve had several people follow the above prescription with dramatic results, one very recently.  He’s someone I’ve known for a while on a somewhat-decent basis, and about a month back went to the doctor for the first time in a while.

He scored over 300 on a random glucose test.

That’s wildly out-of-control Type II diabetes folks.  Walking amputations, blindness, dialysis and death — probably in that order, with a half-million dollar medical bill to go with it.

Needless to say the doc freaked out and so did he.  He was sent home with a meter and prescriptions, along with the usual bull**** “advice” from the ADA (eat carbs, chase it with drugs, etc.)  Knowing what I’ve written in the past he called me with the bad news and asked for the links to my previous articles on this.  I gave them to him.

Literally a couple days later he texted me back and said he had a 170 glucose reading.  That’s a hell of a lot better than 300, but still way too high.

Two more days and he texted me a picture of his meter.  It read 95.  That’s up-the-middle normal.

A later read showed 120 — mildly elevated.

So let’s cut the crap, eh?

Here’s a guy who went from raging, massively out-of-control Type II diabetes to normal or nearly-normal blood glucose within a week by getting the ****ing carbs out of his pie hole.

This is not an unusual response; in fact it’s what most people have happen that are Type II diabetic and stop eating that crap.

One week folks.


Not six months, not a year, not two, nope.  Nearly immediate.

Now granted, if he starts eating carbs against he’s still screwed.  He might regain insulin sensitivity over a space of years.  Then again he might not; there’s no way to know in advance and that, if it happens, will take a good long time.

But with blood glucose under control all of the bad things that happen with elevated blood glucose won’t happen.  He won’t get his feet chopped off, he won’t go blind, his kidneys won’t fail requiring dialysis which is inevitably terminal if you do not get a transplant and he won’t die.  The risk of all those horribly bad, painful and expensive things started dropping at the same time his glucose level did.

And neither will all the money be spent — likely $500,000 or more — that would otherwise be spent on what is a reversible condition by changing what you eat.

There are myriad people who have taken this path and reported it in the comments on my system although most have had more-mild instances.  To have someone go from a 300 glucose level to under 100 in a week simply by changing what goes down the pie hole is dramatic; it is a literal remission on an almost-instant basis.

What that individual had happen is not rare and while one person is an anecdote and the plural of anecdote is not “data” the fact remains that this is the expected outcome for someone who has compromised glucose metabolism and adopts a very-low-carb, moderate-protein, high-fat eating paradigm if you don’t cheat.

There is exactly zero reason for the government to spend one penny on medical treatment and drugs for someone who is told how to effectively stop a medical condition without the expenditure of one penny yet refuses to do so.

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