Gold & Silver Showing Strength As Fear, Uncertainty, And Doubt Continue To Grip The Markets


from SilverDoctors:

SD Outlook: The markets are getting very interesting, and we will know soon enough if the plan is to undermine President Trump by crashing them…

Thank goodness we don’t have to worry about major data releases this week. In fact, on the events calendar, it’s rather quiet.

There are, however, seven Fed speeches from Tuesday through Thursday:

With the ominous 666 drop in the Dow on Friday, we can be certain that the mainstream financial press will be all over what the Fed has to say.

Not only has the mainstream woken up to the fact that markets do not go up forever, the VIX is waking up again:

Here in the pre-market on Monday, the VIX has broken through 19.

Here’s what we don’t know:

Has the ESF or the Fed changed course?

On Friday, I asked if it’s possible that there is a political move to collapse the economy to undermine President Trump as all other efforts have failed?

We don’t know the next move of the global elite or the Deep State, but we do know they’re set on destroying the Presidency of Trump in any way they can.

Speaking of destruction, they can bring it where many think it is not possible:

Bitcoin fans take note: They have succeeded in their War on Gold ever since the COMEX opened in 1974.

But the most recent bout of severe price suppression since 2011 is slowly but surely coming to an end.

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