The FBI Lied And 17 People Died


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Want to direct anger at guns and the NRA?

Go **** yourself.

Start by dismantling the lying FBI.

On September 15, 2017, FBI received and investigated a tip about a threatening comment posted to a YouTube video.

  • Prior to the shooting, the FBI did not seek information from Google, Inc., YouTube’s parent company, to ascertain the identity of the individual behind the comment or his location.

  • The FBI opened a counterterrorism lead as a result of the September 2017 tip.

  • The FBI closed the lead on October 11, 2017, because it didn’t positively identify the individual behind the post.

  • After the shooting, the FBI requested further information from Google and confirmed that the comment was posted by Nikolas Cruz.

The FBI said they couldn’t figure out who posted the comment.

That was a lie.

They never asked Google (Youtube’s parent company) for the information and, as I pointed out immediately after the event, if they had they would have immediately learned where the post came from and, since Cruz posted it using his own name, trivially identified him.

Now we have proof from Senator Grassley that they lied to the American Public — again.

As a direct result of their failure to do their job 17 people are dead.

Further, they attempted to obstruct determining their culpability by lying about being “unable” to find the person responsible.  In fact they never tried to do so; that’s not inability, it’s a choice.

To those in Broward Couny and elsewhere who are still worshiping cops and claiming the NRA and gun owners are villains and to be shunned: I’m done with all of you and every thinking American needs to be done with you.

Done forever.

You want boycotts, I got boycotts.

No more business done with any firm in Broward County.

No more hiring or consideration for hiring, nor existing employment, within or by anyone who resides or works in Broward County.

No more tourism dollars of mine will be spent in Broward County.

Any firm that takes action to void deals with the NRA or any other organization or person as a consequence of the pressure brought predicated upon these deaths that occurred as a direct result of the willful and intentional misconduct of these agencies will be permanently added to that list.  Today that includes Wyndham, Symantec, Hertz, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Chubb, Metlife, North American Van Lines, Delta and United Airlines.  I am happy to add liberally to this list.

I happen to disagree strongly with many of the NRA’s views (they spam me anyway) but I will not do business with firms that act against another organization when the underlying event was had no proximate attachment to the attacked organization but did have attachment to multiple federal, state and local agencies, all of whom did not do their jobs.  I consider such an attack to be proof of intent to act in a dishonest manner in the conduct of their business and thus must fully expect any such firm to screw me.

All of this will continue until I die.

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