2 More Haiti Missionaries Convicted of Child Sex Trafficking; Both Were In Haiti When Hillary was Secretary of State


by Taylor Larson, Squawker:

Two men were convicted of child sex trafficking related charges in early 2018, and both were missionaries to Haiti and worked with child orphans during the time Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. Both men received lengthy sentences and will most likely die in prison.

James Daniel Arbaugh, a missionary from 2008-2017, pleaded guilty to raping and molesting more than 21 boys while in Haiti. Arbaugh was arrested on November 15, 2017 after admitting to a psychologist that he had committed the crimes. Arbaugh created a blog where he frequently posted pictures of himself in the company of children. He professed evangelical Christian beliefs and described himself as a “nomad” and “homeless”. Sickeningly, Arbaugh wrote a blog post about the crisis of child trafficking and child slavery in the West’s poorest country, saying:

“There is hope and light that outweighs the darkness. Slavery, Abuse and Trafficking have ruined millions of lives. There are an estimated 300,000-500,000 child slaves just in Haiti alone. This video was made to not only create awareness of a very real problem, but to see the redemption that happens when Jesus brings healing to your past.”

James Daniel Arbaugh depicted in 2012 

A second man was prosecuted by the feds for sexual abuse of minors. Daniel John Pye ran an orphanage in Haiti from 2006-2012 according to his blog. He was sentenced in January 2018 to 40 years in prison after it was revealed he engaged in “child sex tourism” and child trafficking while in Haiti. Records of his conduct are so horrific that we can’t describe them in this article; the abuse spanned several years while he and his wife were missionaries in a rural area of the country.

Daniel Pye also penned a sickening blog post in 2009 where he discussed abuse that the girls of his orphanage had faced. He says:

“Am I being the “ugly big American” by teaching this and reinforcing this in my home? I don’t feel as if I have any other option, most of our kids have been abused. They remember their abuse and abuser. Most have been either sexually, physically, or emotionally abused. How do I teach my kids that it is OK to say no, to question why and to not just do what you are being told to do. To think about it. To ask personal questions like What does the Bible say about it? What would mom and dad say about it? We have taught there are things that no one can ever ask them to do, that they can stand up for themselves or for their brothers and sisters and their father will defend them, no matter what and no matter who. This is a big deal in our home, yet it is a difficult battle.”

Daniel Pye (Source: pyesinhaiti.blogspot.com)

This isn’t the first time missionaries or relief workers in Haiti have been accused of child trafficking. There were other instances in the past, one involving a missionary who was in correspondence with the US State Department, and another involving a team of UN peacekeepers who were accused of committing abuse when Bill Clinton was UN Special Envoy.

Hillary Clinton was in direct contact with a child trafficker named Laura Silsby, who went to Haiti in 2010 as a missionary. Silsby led an expedition to the country shortly after a large magnitude earthquake left upwards of 316,000 people dead. The name of Silsby’s outreach project was New Life Children’s Refuge, which seemed innocent enough. On January 29, 2010, Silsby and her team attempted to cross into the Dominican Republic with 33 children on board a bus. The story made international headlines; many people were puzzled as to why the team tried to take the “orphans” out of the country. Later, it was revealed that many of the alleged orphans were not orphans at all, but that they each had at least 1 parent alive. The missionaries were all charged and accused of kidnapping and trafficking, but they were released from prison after tremendous pressure from the State Department, which included a diplomatic intervention by Bill Clinton.

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