The Great Californian Exodus


by Tara Dodrill, Health Wyze:

Anyone who is yet to realize that leftism is attempting to destroy America as we know it should examine how the far left has unabashedly warped the state of California. America is on the verge of a civil war. It will not be fought along geographical lines, but cultural ones. The same treacherous ideology that is consuming the bulk of Europe has been at play in the Golden State for far too long. Giant technology companies that lined the deep pockets of California are poised to abandon it, as are many of the small businesses, which have been struggling most to survive under the massive burden of obscene taxation, regulation, and the litigious nature of the California courts. The “white flight” that happened in the metropolitan areas of England and throughout Europe are now in full swing in California. When both middle class and affluent citizens have completed their mass exodus from California toward the freedoms of the more conservative states, there will be virtually nobody left to pay for the governmental benefits of California’s nanny state, of which a significant portion of the state’s residents live on.

 The California public education system may be responsible for the state's utter ignorance of the lessons of history. This was a Berlin Wall memorial, which was dedicated to Peter Fecter, an 18-year-old man who was fatally shot while attempting to escape to freedom in the West. People never willingly flee to a socialistic state.
The California public education system may be responsible for the state’s utter ignorance of the lessons of history. This was a Berlin Wall memorial, which was dedicated to Peter Fecter, an 18-year-old man who was fatally shot while attempting to escape to freedom in the West. People never willingly flee to a socialistic state.

Paul Chabot, a two-time congressional candidate in California was defeated by Pete Aguilar in November of 2016. Chabot inflamed liberal ire after releasing “Terrorist Hunting Permits” as part of his campaign literature. After his loss, Chabot decided to pursue his dream of serving the public in another way, by launching Conservative Move. It is an organization specializing in helping Americans to relocate from leftist states, like California, to states where their rights are respected, their beliefs are not mocked, and the populace is not threatened by American patriotism. Chabot launched Conservative Move after relocating his own family to Texas, in the beginning of 2017. The former congressional hopeful said that he wanted to help decent families to find new opportunities and offer them the guidance that he would have appreciated during his own exodus from California.

“We want to be able to express to people that these areas that are conservative have safer streets, better schools, better-paying jobs, lower taxes,” Chabot said when describing what Conservative Move does and why. “We hope that this doesn’t become divisive, but it becomes a bridge that brings more and more people into this camp that loves faith, freedom, family, God, country and apple pie.”

An article heralding the launch of Conservative Move was tattered with vile commentary from California Democrats and communists, which serves as a commentary about the ongoing struggle to preserve what remains of America’s soul. Leftist Californians, who keep voting for ‘progressive’ politicians and ballot measures to usurp their own rights, mocked Chabot and the lot of conservative states which have become popular amongst those fleeing California’s unholy bastion of progressivism. The leftist detractors berated “cesspools in rural areas”, as if their filth and crime-ridden cities were providing a better quality of life than mainstream America. They even reminisced in the joy which comes only from paying higher taxes, because doing so “supports the community”.

California’s infrastructure is in the same dire straights as its economy infamously is, thanks to decades of leftist rule. California’s ‘progressive’ virtue signalers, who love to wag their morally-superior fingers in the faces of conservatives, used incredibly disparaging language when describing those who live in conservative states. They jealously showed a particular disgust toward those who reside in nearly crime-free rural areas, in wholly disrespecting the very God-fearing people who feed the world. Within their leftist system of ‘morality’, it is now socially unacceptable to refer to a man in a dress as a man because he might “identify” as a woman, but it is not in the least bit inappropriate to deem all rural Americans as “hillbillies”. Faithfulness, hard work, and community standards are all indications of perversion to leftists, but genuine mental illness and sexual perversion are their virtues. Deciphering how the leftist mind works and how ‘progressives’ justify their own moral hypocrisies can only steer one to the conclusion of mental illness in the form of a mass hysteria.

From 1990 to at least 2007, approximately 3.4 million California residents vacated to other states, according to Real Clear Politics. This is the time period when California’s teetering on the brink, both culturally and economically, hit a fevered pace. If its spending had grown proportionally in relation to both inflation and population fluctuations during this time period, then California taxpayers would not have a $65 billion bill coming due. Had the leftist politicians, who were in full control of the state’s government spent within their means, California’s fiscal health would resemble that of nearby Oregon.

It is not just individuals that are leaving California. Entire companies are fleeing. As was reported by Fox News, from 2007 through 2015, as many as 9,000 companies had fled, or were in the process of fleeing California. The list of fleeing companies includes: Toyota, Jacobs Engineering Group, Nestlé, Nissan, Carl’s Jr., Jamba Juice, Occidental Petroleum, Numira Biosciences, and Omnitracs; to name but a few. Most of the smaller companies cannot afford to relocate, so they are simply dying.

The former economic powerhouse of California was centrally micromanaged to such a shocking and illogical extreme that 26 percent of its factory jobs and 35 percent of its technology jobs evaporated. The large employment gains in California came just before its downfall by way of unionization. Membership in the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, which has the highest-paid union workers in the United States, increased by 24 percent. A.S.C.M.E. members can retire as young as 50 and receive up to 90 percent of their final year’s earnings every year for the remainder of their lives. These governmental employees did not produce anything meaningful or provide a service that was based on supply and demand. Their numbers and salaries were determined by the whims of the politicians at the statehouse, and not on the free market. As deficits exploded in California, and more companies began fleeing to conservative states, the leftist state leaders strengthened the ranks of the union, which obliged politicians with hefty donations to Democrat campaigns. This was happening on the backs of the overburdened taxpayers and surviving businesses.

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