by Jamie White, Infowars:

Assures globalists Trump won’t stop their full-spectrum dominance plan in CFR mag

The globalist New World Order model will survive President Trump, according to Hillary Clinton advisor Jake Sullivan.

“There is no doubt that Trump represents a meaningful threat to the health of both American democracy and the international system,” Sullivan wrote in next month’s issue of Foreign Affairs, a Council on Foreign Relations-backed publication.

“Yet despite these risks, rumors of the international order’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. The system is built to last through significant shifts in global politics and economics and strong enough to survive a term of President Trump.”

So far, Trump has been unable to inflict the “level of systemic damage” he said he would to the post-WWII international order helmed by the United Nations, IMF/World Bank, and NATO thanks to establishment advisors and Congress, said Sullivan.

“Consider the U.S. alliance system, a central feature of the U.S.-led order. Trump continues to deride U.S. allies as free riders,” he said.

“But Washington’s policy toward its alliances in both Europe and Asia has been marked more by continuity than change. Trump’s advisers have helped ensure that, as have outside advocacy and congressional oversight.”

Additionally, the EU technocrats “have sought to sustain the alliance, despite their misgivings about Trump, by working around him.”

But Sullivan warns that even though the New World Order has maintained its structure, the American people have become “disillusioned,” and see “global integration as a threat to national identity and economic vitality,” which must be dealt with accordingly.

“The system’s resilience should not be the end to a comforting story; it should be the starting point of a badly needed effort to reinforce and update the international order and address the real threats to its long-term viability,” he said. “That must begin with the most serious challenge today: growing disillusionment with some of its core assumptions. This disillusionment has been stoked by forces of nativism and illiberalism, but it is rooted in the lived experience of many who have seen few promised benefits flow to them.”

He also explains the basic foundational pillars of the New World Order through typical veiled globalist rhetoric.

“The United States built the order on three foundational propositions: that economic openness and integration lead to greater and more widely shared prosperity [The Federal Reserve]; that political openness, democratization, and the protection of human rights lead to stronger, more just societies and more effective international cooperation [United Nations]; and that economic and political openness are mutually reinforcing [IMF & World Bank].”

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