Traitors In Congress Put President Trump’s Base In Their Crosshairs – Are Globalists Hoping To ‘Round Up’ Peaceful, Patriotic Americans By Lumping Us In With Violent Extremists


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

The Evil We See From ‘Congress Critters’ With A 20% Approval Rating Knows No Bounds

While the Southern Poverty Law Center makes millions of dollars off of selling hatred by labeling practically everyone they disagree with as a ‘political hate group’, as we’ve seen going back a decade+ since Barack Obama came in to office and helped put Christians, Conservatives and people who love America on DHS watch lists while allowing a countless number of potential ‘trojan horse terrorists’ into America, the globalists war upon Christians and America continues to this day.

With Christians now the most persecuted religious group in the world as stated by VP Mike Pence as is also surprisingly documented by Wikipedia, in this new story from The Organic Prepper we learn that a new bill in Congress once again puts a target on the back of millions of law-abiding American citizens, especially those who love America, and the SPLC is one of the driving forces behind it with the bill citing numerous unreliable, biased and ‘fake news’ sources. 

While no mention is made of the terrorist group ‘antifa’ in H.R. 4918, the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2018, as the Free Thought Project reports in this new story, the “ominous new bill is targeting millions of peaceful Americans who identify with being a patriot by lumping them in with extremely rare violent hate groups”

With the left and mainstream media recently going so far as to label anyone who supports President Trump a ‘white supremacist’, might this bill be used in a sick and twisted attempt to make sure President Trump doesn’t win again in 2020 by rounding up America-loving Patriots via the lumping of us into the domestic terror bill with those ‘rare hate groups’ on the right that are actually violent?

If what we’ve been witnessing in America over the past decade+ really was an attempt to overthrow US sovereignty while merging us into a totalitarian, Islamic global government where people have no rights as Jerome Corsi recently reported in this Infowars story, then this latest bill is just par for the course as those who’ve committed treason against America in Congress attempt to take the focus off of themselves and put upon those who love America and voted President Trump into office.  

And if anyone reading this story had any doubts where ex-president Barack Obama sat on this issue, we got a definitive answer in this recent story from Susan Duclos on ANP in which we see that Obama is quite literally a ‘serpent in the garden’, his administration full of hatred towards whites and Christians as perfectly exemplified by the person he chose to paint his portrait. It’s clear Obama was brought in by globalists to complete the destruction of America which only the election of President Trump has put off a few more years. 

And while Congress (most of whom long ago sold out America) currently has a 20% approval rating as reported in this recent Gallup poll, should we be surprised that they are once again attempting to target those who helped put President Trump into office? Is it part of the globalists plans to keep Trump out of office in 2020? As the Daily Bell reports

It shouldn’t be a problem that the bill targets white supremacists. They are after all responsible for violence, including the tragic killing spree carried out by Dyan Roof on a church congregation. 

But “Trump supporter” is now synonymous with “white supremacist” to the mainstream media. How often do you hear people throw out the charge of “racism!” when something has nothing to do with race?

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