Tolerance? Liberals Throughout The Mainstream Media And Hollywood Openly Joke About Rand Paul Being Violently Attacked After He Holds Up Government Budget Bill


by Alex Thomas, SHTFPlan:

After successfully managing to block the government budget vote late last night, Senator Rand Paul was viciously attacked by several mainstream media and Hollywood liberals who openly wished that the man who previously assaulted Paul had either done a better job or had been in attendance during his “stunt” so he could attack him again.

That’s right, the supposedly tolerant left spent the night hoping that a sitting U.S. Senator would be violently attacked yet again, all because he refused to go along with the establishments plan for a government budget that included “out of control spending”.

“Paul managed to block the vote past a midnight deadline that technically meant the government shut down for a short time, with the Senator insisting that an amendment be added to reign in out of control spending. A two year budget deal was subsequently approved by the Senate,” Paul Joseph Watson reported.

“However, during Paul’s stunt, several leftist celebrities and numerous verified Twitter liberals expressed their disappointment that the Senator’s neighbor wasn’t in attendance to physically assault him.”

Long-time Hollywood liberal Bette Midler led the charge, tweeting that America “needed” Paul’s neighbor in an obvious reference to the 59-year-old Democrat and neighbor of Paul’s who blindsided him and left him with five broken ribs and lacerations to his lungs.

Despite the fact that Twitter has publicly claimed that calls for violence are not allowed on their platform, the tweet has over 17,000 likes and has actually been promoted by the social media giant itself.

Not wanting to be left out of the fun of calling for violence against your political enemies, numerous mainstream media leftists also chimed in with their calls for another attack on Paul, including a writer for The New York Times Magazine and another for the leftist Huffington Post.

Keep in mind that the above Tweets are only a snapshot of the calls for violence against Paul and do not even include the thousands of responses to them (that Twitter has again allowed) that also agree with the idea that Paul needed to be attacked for holding up the vote and essentially shutting down the government for a few hours until a different deal could be reached.

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