Former US Army Colonel Warns ‘Danger Is Close’ And ‘Rogue Sleeper Cells May Be Being Activated’ As Democratic Party And Deep State


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

According to prominent Christian leader Franklin Graham, America is already in the throes of a ‘coup d’etat’ with very real attempts still being made to overthrow the government of President Donald Trump via the usage of the media to accomplish their goals. And while Graham believes that bullets may not be used in this attempted ‘overthrow’, all we need to do is look back to the administration of Barack Obama and his arming to the teeth of numerous federal agencies all across the nation and his stacking of the ‘deep state’ with corrupt political operatives who we’re now seeing exposed before our eyes.  Where are all of those weapons and ammunition now? 

With Graham warning on the Todd Starnes Radio Show “there are people in this country who are wanting to destroy the president and take over the government by force”, we get one such hint of such a diabolical plan in the first video below in which former National Intelligence Director James Clapper and former NSA and CIA Director General Michael Hayden recently joined Don Lemon on CNN Tonight and levied veiled threats and a shot across the bow at President Trump and his plans to ‘release the memo’

And while Americans may soon get a massive dose of truth with that forthcoming ‘release of the memo with President Trump saying it’s forthcoming release is 100%’, we’ve long been extremely concerned here on ANP that if the ‘enemies of America within‘ felt that they were soon to ‘face the music‘, they’d launch their ‘final false flag‘ to complete their long worked towards ‘take down of America‘. 

As we hear in the final 2 videos below from Colonel Roy Potter, all eyes should be open as those ‘enemies within’ might soon activate ‘sleeper cells’ here in the US as they unleash their ‘armies of darkness’ upon this nation in a last gasp effort to take us down. Between rogue FBI agents who sold their souls and allegiance to America away to get Hillary elected to antifa terrorists and other clueless liberals and communists brainwashed into thinking President Trump is a fascist to Islamic terrorist sleeper cells still likely present here in America, the potential dangers America and President Trump face have not gone away. 

As Steve Quayle recently told ANP, between Bill Ayers ‘Weather Underground’ plans for America and Saul Alinsky’s revolution plans for our nation, it all adds up. Especially when we consider that Ayers was a mentor for Barack Obama while Hillary Clinton wrote her 1968 senior thesis declaring Alinsky’s philosophy was a driving force behind her own political ideology. 

Remembering that back in January of 2017, the deep state’s Chuck Schumer warned then incoming President Trump“Intel officials have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you” and with a ‘politically weaponized deep state‘ a result of decades of globalism, might Reverend Graham be right on the money in his warnings? From the website of Todd Starnes

Franklin Graham, one of the nation’s most prominent Christian leaders, said Wednesday on the Todd Starnes Radio Show that the Trump presidency faces a grave, domestic threat. 

Graham, the president and CEO of Samaritan’s Purse, warned that there are forces at work who want to “wrestle control of the government” away from Trump. 

“They are not going to use bullets. They are using the media – to plant thoughts in people’s minds that he’s incompetent, that he’s dangerous, that you can’t trust him with nuclear weapons, that he is mentally unstable,” Graham said. Graham called on the nation to pray for the president and the vice president. 

“We need to pray for those that surround the president that God will protect them and keep them safe,” he said. 

“I believe that he’s the president of this nation because God allowed it,” Graham. “And I think on election night, God intervened. He wasn’t supposed to win – he was supposed to lose. And I think it was God who worked in a mysterious way on election night to turn the tables. 

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