NBC Claims New FBI Probe into Clinton Foundation Is ‘Fake News,’ a ‘Political Sideshow’


by Nicholas Fondacaro, Newsbusters:

Towards the end of their political coverage during Sunday Today, NBC fill-in host Morgan Radford questioned Meet The Press moderator Chuck Todd about the veracity of a new investigation into the Clinton Foundation, which came to light last week. But in doing so, she conflated it with GOP senators asking the FBI for a criminal investigation in Christopher Steele, the British agent who worked with Russian agents to get dirt of President Trump on behalf of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, and claimed it was all “fake news.”

With the false on-screen headline: “Republicans take aim at Clinton,” Radford questioned Todd about the seriousness of the investigation. “So, break something else down for us, this real versus fake news. We’ve learned this week about developing investigations into the Clinton Foundation and the author of that controversial dossier, but is this a real investigation or is that just a political sideshow?

Todd agreed that everything was a “political sideshow,” as he conflated Clinton Foundation investigation with the Steele investigation. It was shocking that Todd would accuse an FBI investigation of being conducted for political means because the liberal media have spent a lot of time denouncing Trump for what they claim was the erosion America’s confidence in its legal institutions.

I mean, here you have Republican senators, including one, Lindsey Graham, who’s been a big critic of this president when it comes to Russia, calling for perhaps a criminal investigation into the author of the dossier,” Todd continued. “Just adding that fuzziness to the investigation in Russia is something that the White House PR-wise is very happy about.

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