Liberal Mainstream Media Suddenly Praising Trump—Because He Wants War with Iran


by Matt Agorist, The Free thought Project:

Trump is experiencing newfound praise by the liberal mainstream media because he is finally showing them his loyalty to the military-industrial complex and desire for war.

The same mainstream media who’s been lambasting President Donald Trump since he was sworn in last year has now taken to supporting him. Why, exactly, are these agencies who’ve made up countless fake news stories about the president now supporting him, you ask? Well, the short of the answer is war.

All mainstream media is beholden to the establishment and all those in the establishment are beholden to the military-industrial complex. As a result, the president’s newfound support from the NY TimesCNN, and the Washington Post should come as no surprise.

Leading the way in their support of Trump’s stance on Iran was WaPo in a piece on New Year’s day, which echoed the sentiments of Trump. Instead of calling him a moron or making fun of his latest series of irrational Tweets, WaPo agreed with Trump’s process.

Claiming that the current Iranian regime will paint the protesters as foreign agents—which they have already done—WaPo even provided Trump a recommendation of not remaining silent “but to ensure that U.S. statements of support are broadly multilateral and are backed with more practical steps.”

Caring not about saving face and sticking to their guns of hatred toward Donald Trump, the NY Times then published a piece on Tuesday praising the president’s saber-rattling toward the Iranian regime. In an aptly titled op-ed, “Trump Is Right, This Time, About Iran,” Roger Cohen, the international affairs and diplomacy writer for the Times, praised Trump and confessed that he actually retweeted the president’s threat to Iran.

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