Hyperinflation Watch: Monthly Rent From $3,400 To $10,000 Just Last Month


from SilverDoctors:

The hyperinflation is no longer contained to mostly fringe items and non-essentials. Hyperinflation is now hitting the necessities of life. Here’s the details…

Editor’s Note: This series tries to go beyond the Venezuelan collapse to pick out signs that it’s not the Bolivar or the Zimbabwe dollar in a death spiral, but the US Dollar itself. That is to say, when it becomes obvious to everybody that the U.S. dollar has already hyper-inflated, that’s when we enter the “crack-up boom” leading to the fiat currency crisis and the death of the dollar.

Without further ado, here’s the latest installment of our Hyperinflation Watch. Check out previous articlesto learn how to spot the signs that are all around us. This is a series where, so far, we have highlighted the absurdity of mainly non-essentials in life, but now, we’re getting into the actual costs of living that are affecting Americans in their everyday lives.


Anybody who favors free markets and loathes central control and government intervention, and especially wage and price controls should despise the word “price gouging”.

And the MSM jumps all over it with cherry-picked cases.

Case in point: A recent example we gave post-hurricane was of a local Best Buy charging $42.96 per case of bottled water.

We argued:

The significance of the bottled water pricing demonstrates just how broken the entire US economy has become:

A $42.96 case of water is price gouging and requires an apology, even though [a boxed and shrunk-wrapped case] is just a convenient carry-out case priced at the per-bottle price of $1.79, which is at the same time somehow not price gouging because that’s just Best Buy’s going rate for a single bottle.

Yes, that Best Buy was called out for price-gouging, even if it made for an easier way to lug around 24 bottles of water if somebody wanted to purchase that quantity.

We went on to conclude:

Even in the retail bottled water market, things are totally, completely, and utterly mis-priced…

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