The United States Is No Longer Worth Dying For


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Two words describe why this nation is no longer worth dying over.

Larry Nassar.

The prison sentence of up to 175 years given to former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar on Wednesday for sexually assaulting girls and young women over more than 20 years – after more than 150 victims testified at his sentencing hearing – should be only the first step in assigning responsibility for his horrific crimes.

The organizations and individuals that employed and did nothing to stop Nassar from attacking his victims while he pretended to give them medical exams must be held accountable as well.

Oh really?  And how will they be “held accountable”?

May I remind you that it is already true that two powerful people involved, including the President of Michigan State University where he was based, have either resigned or retired with their full benefit packages intact?

In addition the US Gymnastics Board has “resigned.”  The USOC has not.

This was not a guy who diddled one or two kids; he sexually assaulted dozens of children over a period of 20 years and many of the parents had to know about it and yet did exactly nothing.

Allegations from the former kids then turned adults began many, many years ago.  Again, nothing was done.

There are things worth going to prison for.  If someone had sexually assaulted my daughter in such a context I would have been all over the papers because as soon as I discovered that my kid wasn’t the first and former reports had been ignored I would not have called the police; I would have taken care of the problem myself and eaten the remains as both vengeance and a warning to anyone else who thought trying the same stunt would be a good idea.

Likewise, the Catholic Church ran this crap for decades in various parts of this country and others.  Then the Church covered it up and even worse, recalled people to Rome who were facing prosecution to keep them from being held accountable.  Our government refused to demand their extradition and prosecution.  That was and remains intentional, with the latest outrage being the so-called Pope trying to claim that those who were assaulted in South America slanderers.

Yes, calling someone out who assaults you is slander.  Uh huh.  This is why despite being confirmed as an adult I refuse to provide aid and comfort to the Catholic Church and I will not change my mind until they change their actions.

And again, having appealed to civil authority without response not one BBQ has been held by the parents of those children who were assaulted.

Folks, we are supposed to honor due process of law; indeed, due process is a part of what civilized society is predicated upon.

But that due process of law relies on law enforcement and those who otherwise have charge to report and prosecute serious offenses such as this, especially against children, doing their damn job.

If they intentionally fail to do so irrespective of the reason then the parents of said child have a moral duty to take care of business on their own because your first duty when you create a child is to protect that offspring and if you cannot obtain justice when it comes to sexual assault of your kids through the process of allegedly-civilized society then the society you live in is NOT a civilized society!

We’re not talking about a circumstance where there is question as to whether the assaults occurred, just as we were not when it comes to the Catholic Church.  Due process exists as a foremost element for the explicit purpose of preventing innocent people from being punished for crimes they did not commit.

That’s not in question in this case.

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