The End Game of the Globalists Is Coming Into Full View


by Dave Hedges, The Common Sense Show:

There has been a media blitz regarding the authenticity of UFO’s. This is a topic I have avoided, except to mention the false flag application of Project Blue Beam.

After decades of denial, one has to wonder why the mainstream media (MSM) is embracing the phenomenon without the usual accompanying giggle factor. I have never seen a time when this topic wasn’t scoffed at in the MSM. However, the worm has turned, so to speak. In recent weeks, the media has been filled with what appears to be credible accounts of UFO sightings along with admonitions on why we should all pay attention.

Examples Giving Credibility to the Notion that Discosure Is At Hand

The following quote made by Henry Kissinger, almost 27 years ago is seemingly appearing everywhere on the internet.  At the Bilderberg conference in 1991, Henry Kissinger made one of the most stunning statements about UFO’s and ET’s ever made by a public figure.

“Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order [referring to the 1991 LA Riot].  Tomorrow they will be grateful!  This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond [i.e., an “extraterrestrial” invasion],  whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence.  It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil.  The one thing every man fears is the unknown.  When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.” 

Dr. Henry Kissinger, Bilderberger Conference, Evians, France, 1991

Mainstream print media is covering this topic as evidenced by the following from the Boston Globe, 10 days ago:

David Fervor…Navy pilot…Thirteen years ago, the Windham, N.H., resident was a veteran US Navy pilot at the controls of an F/A-18-F fighter jet flying off San Diego when he sighted an unidentified flying object and tried to intercept it.

“I want to join on it. I want to see how close I can get to it,” Fravor, 53, said, describing his thinking as he began the pursuit….

Even national broadcast media has gotten in on the act. Recently on Tucker Carlson’s FoxNews show, there were some stunning revelations.  


The most telling of all the aforementioned revelations is the Kissenger quote regarding the fact that the alien threat could be used to get people to give up their civil liberties and that is where I believe this is headed.

The Globalists Are Losing Control

Recently, I watched a video and read an article regarding how people in various parts of Africa are fighting back against attempted UN control of their part of the world. The UN Peacekeeper casualty rate is at an all-time high. In Africa, anyone with blue helmet is a target. Care to guess the number one nationality of the Peacekeepers? It is the Chinese, the Chinese army, in Africa. The UN global takeover is underway. And don’t forget about the Cook County Commissioners who have announced that they are bringing in UN troops to establish order in Chicago. This was met a fierce resistance in both the Independent media and the public as a whole.

Caldonia is trying to break away from Spain. Spain, Italy, Ireland, Greece et al, are talking about exiting the EU. The UK has already left. The French government admit that their citizens want out of the UN. Trump-style populism is taking hold both at home and abroad. America is in the midst of rejecting the globalist organizations of Hollywood, network news and even the NFL where the audiences have declined as much as 25%. This is not a good time to be a globalist.

How will they regain control and what are their option?

  1. World War III, is the easiest answer, but even the main antagonist (the 2 Koreas) are rejeccting the script for global war and a subsequent planetary unification.
  2. Derailing Trump’s populism through the Russian-collusion-delusion and the bogus allegations of Trump’s mental illnesses have backfired. These globalist plots designed to stem the tide of populism have resulted in the revelation of the Russian Dossier and the FISA surveillance warrants on Trump issued by Obama. It is safe to say that the globalist strategies to derail our collective efforts, have failed miserably.
  3. The assassination of Donald Trump, but even that event will not stem the tide because the genie is out of the bottle. Although I do not preclude the possiblity of an assassination because of the threat factor to other world leaders that think that populism is a good idea.
  4. The primary option left to the globalists is a planetary threat that will unify the planet. An artificially contrived pandemic would seem like a good idea. However, and as I have written about many times, a fake alien invasion seems to be the cleanest option and I think we are entering the zone of decision for the globalists. Then need a game changer because people all across the planet are awakening to the tyranny and pure evil that underlies the New World Order.

 The Ultimate False Flag

I previously did a series on current or recent TV shows that fall into the category of predictive programming. Included in this series was a brief examination of the TV show, Colony, an original production of USA Network. I am 100% convinced that this contrived alien threat is being manufactured before our eyes with the previously mentioned media accounts of UFO’s and ET’s. There is no better predictive programming example than the TV show, Colony, which is set to enter its third year.

In the business of factual truth-telling in the face of incessant media lies, most reporters rely on insider tips, whistleblowers and leaked documents to arrive at the truth. However, there are times when events are unfolding and one’s instincts takeover and tell oneself that this is something worth paying attention to. Call the process a sudden insight, a word of knowledge or just a hunch. Whatever we label it, some of my best analysis have come from the gut and the insight suddenly stands the test of time.

With regard to the TV show, Colony, I said the following in my inital analysis.

It would not surprise me in the least if it turns out that the so-called alien invasion was faked by the globalists, accompanied by the roll-out of their secret Darpa-produced technology,  with the goal of installing a brutal global governance and extreme depopulation as the FINAL SOLUTION.

In the show, my assertion that the show was centered, at least in part on a depopulation theme, was validated in Season 2 when it was revealed that that the Authority planned to have exterminated everyone within 2.5 years within the Los Angles Bloc.

My second speculation was that this so-called alien invasion was actually faked by the globalists in order to gain global governance and the imposition of the most brutal martial law in the history of the planet was also validated.

My Area of Expertise

Because I have written so extensively on martial law protocols, FEMA camps and the national surveillance state, some of my readers felt that this was a production that I would find fascinating and they were correct.

The Plot of the Show

Aliens SUPPOSEDLY arrive on earth in the near future, although we never see them. It is hinted that while the nations of the world were negotiating with the Aliens, humanity started resisting the planned surrender and riots broke out.

In retaliation, the supposed aliens supposedly took control of the planet and and demanded the world’s governments “fix” the issue with disruptive citizens immediately or they would face extermination. Subsequently,  “Colonies” were created and the new cities of the world were surrounded by an artificial 300 foot wall to prevent travel. The insides these walls serve as a base for the alien “drones” which help to enforce the new martial law with a vengeance.

Citizens backyards are razor wired off so the houses inhabitants stay in their own yards. This prevents rebellious collaboration. People work in labor colonies by the droves. In addition, we see the following martial law protocols set into place:

1-No travel between regions.

2- Family members of the resistance are executed.

3-Random Checkpoints and frequent electronic identity check.

4-No cars- citizens must walk or ride bikes.

5- Slave Labor Camps.

6-Propaganda centers.

7-Selective eugencis-most medical conditions (eg diabetes) are not deemed worthy of treatment by the hosts and people waste away as they often die very agonizing deaths.

8-Host provided drones brutally enforce laws and execution is administered for minor infractions.

9-Forced disappearances.

10-Diet and calorie restrictions are enforced-coffee and liquor are extremely rare among the general population.

11-No internet or cells phones are allowed as they could be used to start a revolution.

12-Extreme electronic surveillance.

13-In season 2, it was revealed that each bloc is not just a slave labor colony, but eventually all humans will be made extinct (ie depopulation). Dissidents are sent to the “factory” for extermination of perhaps even canniablism. 

If I were to write a dytopian future for the planet, based on the expressed goals of the globalists, these 13 points would be at the center of such a plot.

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