Venezuelan Rebel Cop Oscar Perez Was Massacred by the Government AFTER He Surrendered


by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

Note from Jose: This is information compiled by myself and from my trusted sources, who are near the place where this event took place. Some other references are from the Miami Herald and Venezuelan press. The events of January 15 were confirmed to me by the above-mentioned sources. There is a remarkable inconsistency between the information provided by the videos chronology and the official version.

Oscar Perez: The Rebel Cop of Venezuela

In the 2017 protests, thousands of Venezuelans took the streets, patriotically and initially in a pacificist mood, responding to the call of our nation that cried out for Freedom.


The state security agencies, that both God and the world knows have become no more than a Praetorian Guard of the communist regime, fiercely attacked hundreds of Venezuelans with the intention to stop the demonstrations by force.

Now, it is known that some officials refused the orders to shoot to their own people, and understanding the great historical responsibility they faced, sacrificed their own comforts and careers, and placed themselves on the side of Venezuela.

Who was Oscar Perez?

This was the group led by Oscar Perez, known now as the Rebel Pilot.

He was a high-level agent, a member of the Special Action Brigade of the Scientific Police or CICPC, and former operations chief of the police force Air Division. His leap to the fame came with his role as the main character, a policeman in 2015 in the rescue of a kidnapping in the film ‘Suspended Death’.

The images of his alleged actions, in command of a helicopter, have reached an international audience as he would hardly have reached with the cinema. His latest movements had alerted the government of Venezuela and President Maduro described them as an “escalating coup”.

Oscar Perez, also a combat diver and a free parachutist, is a man who, according to the newspaper Panorama(2015), “goes to work without knowing if he would come back home…because death is part of the evolution”. Perez was the main suspect of having piloted a stolen helicopter, the property of the Scientific Police, that shot and threw flashbang grenades against buildings of the Venezuelan government, the Supreme Court, and frightened its neighbors in the center of Caracas.

The Massacre

Then, January 15, they paid the price. Their lives were taken in an operation with a personnel team of over 500 trained agents from different organizations massacred 10 persons inside a house, including a pregnant woman.

It is said that the position of the rebel group was compromised by some anonymous traitor. Theories about an insider are still to be proven.

Oscar Perez’s group expressed their desire to surrender to many of their former coworkers and partners in the different security agencies. Their message expressed explicitly their desire to capitulate, surrendering in peace to avoid harm to the unaware civilians living in the vicinity and the officers of the operation. In spite of this, and in a typical move of the communist regimes, these patriots whose only crime was to raise themselves for a better country and fight against a criminal regime that had Venezuela under their boots, were executed without compassion with high caliber war weapons, with a deployment of forces, weaponry and violence never seen before in similar operations.

One of the government officers killed in action was the leader of a “Colectivo” gang, known as “Tres Raices” or “Three Roots”, and he had two identification cards under different names, one as an agent and another as a civilian.

The surrendered rebels had already negotiated, when another large group of agents appeared and took over the control of the entire operation.

The leader of the rebel group uploaded a video to his Instagram account several videos with his face covered in blood, stating that they had already surrendered but the officials were shooting to kill them.

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