This Week Proves The Media Has Completely Lost It When It Comes To President Trump


by Onan Coca, Freedom Outpost:

This past week may be the time we look back upon as the moment the mainstream American media finally snapped and lost their marbles.

Did you notice it?

It came at the confluence of the media questioning the President’s mental fitness and the beginning to transition to questioning his physical fitness.

Then his Doctor, a respected medical professional, stepped in and told them that the President was healthier than most men his age and that there was no reason to question any of his faculties, either mental or physical.

This is the moment that the media went absolutely bonkers.

Charles Hurt  argued on Fox News that while this Doctor’s report might end the “unfit” discussion with normal people, the media seems absolutely bought in to the idea that the President must be sick. The media seems to NEED President Trump to be unwell.

I don’t think it’s going to end the crazy talk that we’ve heard. That whole thing was just — the hour-long, I mean, it was truly extraordinary and it just reveals the absolute absurdity that we’ve reached in terms of people going after the president in the press, the clips that you just showed.

They may have been from Saturday Night Live last Saturday. 

It’s absolutely bonkers how much these people they despise the president. CNN sent in a doctor, their doctor, their on-air doctor (Dr. Sanjay Gupta) to offer a second opinion. It’s just absolutely ridiculous.

It wasn’t just Hurt who noticed the media’s outright insanity, Sean Hannity had it pegged down too.

Now, after that frenzied display, members of the media should have their owned heads examined. I said this before. Hating Trump is their heroin. It’s their drug. And they are completely hooked on their drugs. They’re like addicts. The only thing that gives them a fix is attacking the president minute-by-minute.

And the media is so completely utterly unhinged and deranged, and today’s press conference is just their latest episode. Ever since President Trump announced his candidacy, the blind sheep in the liberal media, who live in their own bubble, and bounce their own recycled talking points and their own little echo chamber, they have been rushing to create a new crisis after a new crisis after a new crisis, and their recent hyperventilation has reached extreme levels. Even for their pathetically low standards, by the way.

It’s one crisis, one panic, one total meltdown after another where they repeat the exact same words, meaning, NBC, ABC, CBS, “New York Times,” “Washington Post,” they use the same commentary until something better can be blown out of proportion comes along.

And for the last couple of weeks, the media’s schizophrenia has been on full display. It’s gone from a year of saying President Trump colluded with Russians, there is no evidence. President Trump is going to start a nuclear war. They are not mad that it was, in fact, Bill Clinton that gave North Korea billions and promised, it’s going to be a good deal for the American people. The media being BFFs with Steve Bannon, you know, they were friends for at least three days because he made comments that they like for once, in the giddiness over Bannon’s comments of Michael Wolff’s phony book.

Finally, Hannity’s colleague Tucker Carlson piled on, wondering if the media shouldn’t be seeking medical attention themselves, for their… Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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